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Key Dates

20 October 2015 - Earlybird Deadline
3 November 2015 - Standard Deadline
17 November 2015 - Extended Deadline
18 November 2015 - Judging & Ratings
24 November 2015 - Rating Closes
25 November 2015 - Winners Announced
10 December 2015 - Awards Presentation

Interior Design - International Hospitality

Open to all international projects this award celebrates innovative and creative building interiors, with consideration given to space creation and planning, furnishings, finishes, aesthetic presentation and functionality. Consideration also given to space allocation, traffic flow, building services, lighting, fixtures, flooring, colours, furnishings and surface finishes.  

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Nominations in Category

Between Greenery and Twist - Chang-Gii Design Design Co., Ltd. / Chang-Gii Design Co., Ltd.

Interior Design - International Hospitality

- Silver

The reception center with a countryside style and surrounded by the mountains, but it located right in Tai-Chung city downtown, this deceiving spot at latest redevelopment zone of the city. Being surrounded by tons of concrete buildings, this tiny one-floor building is powerful and very much alive. Li-Ren, Chang, the designer, respects the mother nature with humble and modest attitude and has transformed this concept of “ Metropolitan crave the neighborhood of nature” into something real by reserve half space for the greenery. Once again, inspires people with totally relaxation .

Green View - Chang-Gii Design Co., Ltd. / Chang-Gii Design Co., Ltd.

Interior Design - International Hospitality

- Silver

" How to make life more elegant ?" Replied by public reading room and saloon on the second floor. Natural greenery is designed and arranged casually in every corner. Echoing with powerful literary heritage, it expresses deep spirit of oriental culture, nearly Zen aesthetics. In human interaction, between the men and the books , Allows residents to feel at ease and comfortable atmosphere in the space. At the moment, people or nature is not opposing intruder, but the common good sharer.

Weaver - Dumas Interior Design Group / Dumas Interior Design Group

Interior Design - International Hospitality

This reception center of a realty company , for sales meetings, case arrangement and VIP customize service purposes.

Flashing in one moment - ED design / ED design

Interior Design - International Hospitality

This is a place which creates a patchwork atmosphere in which open and private rooms are built for people conversation.


Interior Design - International Hospitality

- Silver

English Victoria Style, the British words contain meanings more than the features of extravagance, embellishment, and fancy in the era of colony. People can also say that, it is the art restoration style in 19 century when Queen Victoria of United Kingdom was on the throne from 1837 to 1901. It is the “Victoria Style” that reinterprets the meaning of classic, abandons the rational aesthetics of machines, and begins a new definition for art value in human lives.

Time travels and lights - Dumas Interior Design Group / Dumas Interior Design Group

Interior Design - International Hospitality

This project displays space including oriental and contemporary elements that integrate and interact to become an inter-subjective existence responding to the design itself. The creativity of the new era enlivening the old appearance, extending the dimension of time and space. The facade of the reception center stretches to the right and left horizontally with four characters displayed repeatedly. The font sizes are displayed in order under the natural light and artificial light. The characters’ forms are transformed into the semi-abstract icons. Deep and shallow, inside and outside, light and heavy, slow and fast, real and virtual are exposed, shaped, and exhibited. This wall interprets the scene of a day.

Trumps Spa Double Bay - Trumps Spa / AZBcreative

Interior Design - International Hospitality

- Silver

Trumps Spa is located in the newly redesigned InterContinental Hotel in the heart of Double Bay, an area that is on the cusp of recapturing its Old Europe elegance, thanks to a new generation of exciting retailers and restaurateurs. Trumps Spa is designed as a modern oasis: both a highly functional, innovative salon and a hidden retreat. It encompasses a huge range of services and welcomes a mix of regular clients, hotel guests and international VIPs. There are many well-preserved architectural gems of the 1920’s in the area, from Boomerang, built in 1926 in the old Hollywood, exotic Spanish style, to the Moorish style villas in the hills above the bay, and Trumps Spa draws on that glamorous heritage.

Saigon Street - AKI / AZBcreative

Interior Design - International Hospitality

- Gold

Creating a dining destination that was entirely new in Bali with a downtown Hanoi vibe, exciting use of neon and layered decorative textures and colour.


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