2015 London Design Awards

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Key Dates

20 October 2015 - Earlybird Deadline
3 November 2015 - Standard Deadline
17 November 2015 - Extended Deadline
18 November 2015 - Judging & Ratings
24 November 2015 - Rating Closes
25 November 2015 - Winners Announced
10 December 2015 - Awards Presentation

Interior Design - International Commercial

Open to all international projects this award celebrates innovative and creative building interiors, with consideration given to space creation and planning, furnishings, finishes, aesthetic presentation and functionality. Consideration also given to space allocation, traffic flow, building services, lighting, fixtures, flooring, colours, furnishings and surface finishes.  

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Nominations in Category

Capacity - Private Client / C&K Architectural & Interior Design

Interior Design - International Commercial

Inspired by the natural phenomenon of lightning, the designers aim to create a space full of energy. The magnificent power of the lightning comes from the encountering of positive and negative electricity. This concept corresponds to the Yin and Yang in Chinese I-Ching, in which the everlasting cycle of energy is created.

Mission in History - C&K Architectural & Interior Design / C&K Architectural & Interior Design

Interior Design - International Commercial

To build a headquarter for emerging media platform named NTD, the designer uses powerful methods of great ingenuity to interpret the strengthening and description from the perspective of spirit. Therefore, the spirit of design emphasizes the indispensable moral consciousness of media, the positive energy, the future vision, and value of existence. The popular skills of metaphor and symbolization are used to transfer the timeless visual arts.

The Dancing Universe - C&K Architectural & Interior Design / C&K Architectural & Interior Design

Interior Design - International Commercial

- Silver

Since the products of our company are related to textiles, this design was inspired by the Chinese legend of the dancing fairies with colorful ribbons. As a pioneer of heat generating fiber technique, Apollo International has a historical positioning from the past to the future. The company owns the innovative invention and worldwide patented technology that can guide the reformation of the whole industry, bringing an unprecedented beauty and happiness in the textile industry to future humanity.


Interior Design - International Commercial

Therefore, the designer chooses the combination of European style and ART DECO, a style which presents a breakthrough.

Medical Research Alliance - Yi Guo +Dong Lin Interior Design Construction / Yi Guo +Dong Lin Interior Design Construction

Interior Design - International Commercial

- Silver

Revolutionizing the cold and formulaic design of clinics, the need for patient privacy is combined with top quality treatment for customers. In the overall spatial design, besides injecting a “no need for fear” element into the public clinic setting, a special sense of awakening is added to soothe patients.

Light Slit - Goody Design Co., Ltd. / Goody Design Co., Ltd.

Interior Design - International Commercial

Smoke is curling upward from kitchen chimneys with courtyard in the fields at sunset. That ‘s unforgettable common memories of nowadays middle-aged people. And how a modern commercial space with fusion of old building materials, old trees and landscape features be transformed from the traditional courtyard with a sloping roof? Designer provided a fresh and bold proposal of integration of old and new and double purport of heritage and humanities, in the name of light, giving the old building a new style and vitality.

The kite - Yuan-Tien International Creative Design Co. / Yuan-Tien International Creative Design Co.

Interior Design - International Commercial

- Silver

Remember we played in the field with barefoot when we were in childhood? I was a little kid running around on the ground and playing a kite and looking up in the sky.


Interior Design - International Commercial

- Gold

Da Si Xi, a regional noodle restaurant opened in 1989, right in the student clustered CYCU district. To expand its business and improve service, it commissioned Mr. Iuan Kai Fang’s team to tailor a brand-new Da Si Xi. Inspired by the cultural quality of China’s northeastern district, Fan imagined the store as full of spatial impressions transported from China to Taiwan.

A Scene of Woods - Sun-Life Interior Design / Sun-Life Interior Design

Interior Design - International Commercial

- Silver

The consistent view from the tree inside to the greenery forest, truly translates the idea of embracing the nature and landscape.


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