2015 London Design Awards

spaces, objects, visual, graphic, digital & experience design
design champion, best studio, best start-up & best supplier
plus over 40 specialist categories

accelerate transformation, celebrate courage
growing demand for design


Key Dates

20 October 2015 - Earlybird Deadline
3 November 2015 - Standard Deadline
17 November 2015 - Extended Deadline
18 November 2015 - Judging & Ratings
24 November 2015 - Rating Closes
25 November 2015 - Winners Announced
10 December 2015 - Awards Presentation

Maker Design - Method

Nothing speaks more than a maker's method. For some it starts
with an idea in a coffee shop, others it's the complex mix of tools, materials
and craft. The projects that will shine here will be strong in new methods,
strong in craft and most likely to generate lots of  ''how did you do that'' discussion.

Your project will fall into one of the following markets:

Domestic - Domestic Maker projects represent the consumer connecting with a unique piece, be it a tool for home, an artefact or a practical item to assist with a regular home function.

Community - Community Maker projects represent the community connecting with your project. It might be an item to create a mood, a learning device to help advance your community or a practical item to assist with a community function.

Commercial - Commercial Maker projects find their way into corporate and government environments, sometimes as highly functional low production runs, other times as one off custom items designed specifically for task. Projects that show the maker's skill, courage and design insights will shine here.

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Nominations in Category

'Tree' Spiral Staircase - Zigzag Design Studio

Maker Design - Method

- Silver

'Tree' spiral is a beautiful and unique metal staircase originating from a real tree trunk and branch. The components are cast in aluminium and repeatedly dropped over a steel tube to create a perfectly functioning spiral staircase and a beautiful 'Tree' sculpture. A sculptural Structure.

The Farrah Kimberly Belt - Farrah Design

Maker Design - Method

- Silver

Can a high quality leather belt be made by using water and pressure instead of rivets and stitching? Yes it can, Introducing the Farrah Kimberly Belt

Leaf - Haberdashery

Maker Design - Method

- Gold

Comprised of bone china leaves, all made in the UK, Leaf is a delicate, customisable canopy system suspended from the ceiling to create a spectacular statement within an interior space. Leaf is a beautiful bone china light sculpture by Haberdashery. Available in a range of sizes and precious metal finishes, including real gold and platinum, Leaf brings an engaging blend of light, shadow and reflection to any interior.

Berg - Nest of Tables - FAERID

Maker Design - Method

- Silver

Berg is a nest of tables that can both be used outdoors as well as indoors. The user is completely free to choose where and how they use the product. Nature’s strength and versatility are among the design inspiration for the Berg side tables. Made of steel, concrete and aluminium, the tables are built to last - both indoors and out. Berg can function as seats as well as tables. Their rectilinear patterns are beautiful and functional, while allowing for the storage of magazines, newspapers and other of life’s odds and ends. The bigger table has an hand cast aluminium top and the smaller table has a hand cast concrete top.


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