2015 London Design Awards

spaces, objects, visual, graphic, digital & experience design
design champion, best studio, best start-up & best supplier
plus over 40 specialist categories

accelerate transformation, celebrate courage
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Key Dates

20 October 2015 - Earlybird Deadline
3 November 2015 - Standard Deadline
17 November 2015 - Extended Deadline
18 November 2015 - Judging & Ratings
24 November 2015 - Rating Closes
25 November 2015 - Winners Announced
10 December 2015 - Awards Presentation

Maker Design - Materials

Some projects can only exist due to new
materials, others thrive as the combination of new and traditional materials
intersect. We're looking for projects that show a master has furnished
brilliance from basic materials.

Your project will fall into one of the following markets:

Domestic - Domestic Maker projects represent the consumer connecting with a unique piece, be it a tool for home, an artefact or a practical item to assist with a regular home function.

Community - Community Maker projects represent the community connecting with your project. It might be an item to create a mood, a learning device to help advance your community or a practical item to assist with a community function.

Commercial - Commercial Maker projects find their way into corporate and government environments, sometimes as highly functional low production runs, other times as one off custom items designed specifically for task. Projects that show the maker's skill, courage and design insights will shine here.

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Nominations in Category

Hylur Desk - Gudrun Vald

Maker Design - Materials

- Silver

Guðrún Vald.’s Hylur line consists of fresh, modern pieces with a nod to classic Nordic design. The pieces are simple and elegant with wood playing the integral part of the design aesthetic. The Hylur desk is designed to hide cords and chargers yet allow easy access to the things you need to have at hand but really want to hide. This walnut desk presents a simple, subtle way of combining ergonomic usability with stylish individuality.

Changing Room - Tessa Brown

Maker Design - Materials

- Gold

The Changing Room Ting is the most recent iteration of Studio Chamber, the retractable textile room. It is made in a light blue Shetland Wool tweed with a duchesse satin ‘ceiling’ visible when shrouded by the structure. For Tent London I decided to make additional comfortable seating to sit underneath, that would reinforce my intended use for the piece – to offer relief from the demands placed on our attentions at trade shows, in this instance!


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