2017 tech design awards

best new & best expanded services, best studio, best accelerator plus 17 specialist categories

the [app] design awards have grown into the [tech] design awards - change is good :)



Key Dates

23 February - Standard Deadline
6 April - Extended Deadline
13 April - Judging & Ratings
19 April - Rating Closes
20 April - Winners Announced
4 May - Awards Presentation


Digital and Tech has revolutionized advertising. This category recognizes the role of tech solutions in providing new platforms and opportunities for marketers to increase voice and gain awareness of their product or service.

Nomination Fees

$USD 360   23 February - Standard Deadline
$USD 585   6 April - Extended Deadline

Nomination packs

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Nominations in Category

AppMojo - Ad Optimization Platform - Appsynth


Through our extensive ad optimization experience managing billions of impressions for our clients, we know just how difficult it is to uncover a mobile app’s optimal advertising mix and achieve the highest long-term revenues. We were previously forced to use workarounds – with tools not built for the purpose – because we found there was nothing on the market specifically designed to solve this problem. So we decided to build a better solution ourselves. The result is AppMojo: a unique tool designed to help mobile developers maximize ad revenue while preserving user experience.

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