2017 tech design awards

best new & best expanded services, best studio, best accelerator plus 17 specialist categories

the [app] design awards have grown into the [tech] design awards - change is good :)



Key Dates

23 February - Standard Deadline
6 April - Extended Deadline
13 April - Judging & Ratings
19 April - Rating Closes
20 April - Winners Announced
4 May - Awards Presentation

Best Expanded Service

The category recognizes expansion, transformation and growth. Open to projects in all categories with updates and developments that truly enhance the user experience and take your service to another level.

Nomination Fees

$USD 360   23 February - Standard Deadline
$USD 585   6 April - Extended Deadline

Nomination packs

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Nominations in Category

Coles App - Coles Supermarkets Australia Pty Ltd / Outware Mobile

Best Expanded Service

Coles is a leading Australian supermarket chain, operating in 798 locations around Australia, and employing over 100,000 workers. The new Coles app helps customers make the shopping experience easier, simpler, and faster, both in-store and online. The new app gives customers the ability to create shopping lists, search for products, view specials, add recipes to their list, view and activate flybuys offers, and more.

Good Life App - Good Life Health Clubs / Outware Mobile

Best Expanded Service

Good Life Health Clubs commissioned Outware Mobile to redesign their member app, including features such as club check-in, timetable, and scheduling.

Peoplecare App - Peoplecare / Outware Mobile

Best Expanded Service

The new Peoplecare app encourages users to remain healthy by providing Peoplecare customers with tailored information around preventative health strategies, as well as a powerful and easy to use experience for making and tracking health insurance claims.

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