2015 [app] design awards AUS

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EdTech focuses on how education is changing through technology, changing the way we learn and process knowledge. What will stand out here is those that enhance the learning experience and make a lasting impression.

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Nominations in Category

Healthcare Heroes - Northern Health / Millipede


- Silver

How to achieve a much greater outcome for learning and development by taking an enormous risk. Develop a game for hospital staff to play.

Vote Victoria - Victorian Electoral Commission / Mnet Mobile


- Gold

We had to encourage and enable young Victorians to get involved in the electoral process and fulfill their democratic duty. The Vote Victoria app was a resounding success. Downloads of our app tripled those of the previous election's app and average usage increased 1000% to over 30 minutes. Combining users with the PR & social media coverage generated by the app, our estimates indicate it reached over half of the 18-24 year old population in Victoria, with an average 5 star rating by those who used it.

stARTSPEAK: Touch & Create - DADAA / Inkubator Pty Ltd & DADAA WA


- Silver

stARTSPEAK: Unlocking imagination through art and technology The Touch and Create App is part of DADAA’s stARTSPEAK Digital Inclusion program and provides an interactive tool for artists with disability to create art and share their work in the digital space. stARTSPEAK:Touch & Create is a creative space where you can PLAY, DRAW, EXPLORE and REMIX sounds and original artworks by Western Australian Artists with disability. Artwork created within the App can be shared with your friends or submitted to an online community art gallery that the App can sync to.

Friendly Phonics - Dawn Matthews / Dapper Apps - Dawn Matthews Family Trust / Dapper Apps Pty Ltd


- Silver

Friendly Phonics is the first release in a series of wonderful educational apps, teaching basic alphabet sounds. Friendly Phonics stems from the unique perspective on education, of internationally acclaimed educationalist and printmaker, Dawn Matthews. Dawn herself is dyslexic, epileptic, dysrpraxic, ADHD and CDPD, and has dedicated her life to making it easier for others to learn the English language. This is the result.

Akademia Pro - Appening / Compsoft


- Silver

Akademia Pro is the UK’s first fully-functional collaborative Student and Teacher App. Teachers and students login to view their personal timetable and manage all aspects of their school life – teachers can create lesson plans and homework assignments, mark assignments, award merits and send messages to a class. Students can add their own notes and tasks, submit assignments, and rate their lessons. The app features a rich, intuitive UI and synchronizes with a secure back-end system which integrates with schools’ MIS. Tablets have the potential to revolutionize education. Akademia Pro enables schools, teachers and students to realise that potential.

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