2013 Melbourne Design Awards - Key Dates

25 August 2013 - Extended close date
2 September 2013 - Judging
19 September 2013 - Finalists announced
15 October 2013 - Rating Closes
23 October 2013 - Awards Night
Best of the best - Winners list

Product Design - Concept or Prototype

This award celebrates creativity and innoviation for either a product design concept or prototype - an early sample or model of a product that has not reached the manufacture stage nor available to the market.

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Nominations in Category

MCHUMBA - MCHUMBA & Charlwood Design

Product Design - Concept or Prototype


Touch, feel, imagine, create. Embrace your magical surrounding and find solace in your new world. Lose yourself in the moment. This journey is yours only and I am merely a pinhole in your brilliant universe. Welcome to the world of MCHUMBA! MCHUMBA are illustrative theme based tables designed for children between the ages of 3-8 years. They are designed to be drawn on using dry erase markers which can be easily wiped off much like a traditional whiteboard. A two part formula clear paint is applied to the table turning the surface into a highly durable erasable canvas. The two part clear paint is applied over the digitally printed themed image (e.g. Sky, Sea, and Jungle). Each theme contains a number of set elements designed to serve as ‘Triggers’ in assisting the child to make and draw logical association’s within the theme. As an example the ‘Sky’ Theme (see below) includes a bird, clouds and a hot air balloon all on a sky blue background. These are non-erasable and have been digitally printed onto the table. The two part clear paint is then applied on top of this layer.

SwatchMate - The World’s Smartest Colour Detector - Palette - SwatchMate

Product Design - Concept or Prototype

- Winner

SwatchMate is the world’s smartest colour detector, connecting wirelessly to your smartphone so that you can capture the colour of any surface with just one click.

Jive - Tane Design

Product Design - Concept or Prototype


‘Jive’ is a contemporary collection of soft seating, comprising of a single arm chair and two seat sofa. The range is suitable for both commercial and residential applications. The range features FSC plywood carcass and is upholstered in Instyle EthEco wool. The ‘Jive’ collection would make a striking statement in many environments from hotel lobbies, commercial spaces to modern residential dwellings.

Evolution Claw Hammer - Peter Fegan

Product Design - Concept or Prototype


Workplace injury has disastrous effects on both the worker and the economy, and often caused by poorly designed hand tools not suitable for the task intended. Most likely everybody knows someone that has hurt themselves working, if not themselves, so it is a constant complaint that needs solving, especially in our aging demographic work force, people are more susceptible to injury as they age. The Evolution Claw Hammer aims to reduce workplace injury incidence commonly associated with striking hand tools and keep the trade professionals on their tools longer and safer than ever before.


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