Best Mobile or App Startup

This category relates to Startups working on a Mobile project or an App. The project could be for smartphones, tablet, web, game console or api apps.  Startup projects need to be newly emerging, less than 5 million users and less than 3 years old.

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Nominations in Category

LMK (Let Me Know) - Sphere of Influence, Inc.

Best Mobile or App Startup

LMK (Let Me Know) fills the gap between group text messages and formal event planning platforms. We often invite friends to activities needing IN/OUT commitments or a headcount but we don’t want anything difficult or formal. Unlike group messaging platforms that require accounts and setup, LMK is immediate and fun. Everyone we invite is either IN or OUT. No pressure, no excuses, no surprises. LMK is the easiest way to organize informal social activities.

Inbox Messenger - Inbox, Inc.

Best Mobile or App Startup

With a clean, minimalist interface and an ultra-light, intuitive flow, Inbox Messenger has innovated on design in messaging where so many have been content to stick to the status quo. Inbox Messenger is a modern, design-first approach to mobile messaging aiming to improve conversation for you and your friends. The team’s less-is-more philosophy helps keep Inbox’s features focused on your comfort while messaging - you can unsend texts (great for those dreaded mistakes) and activate a privacy screen for your texts - all this translates into better conversation between you and your friends.

BlueCard App - BlueCard App

Best Mobile or App Startup

(((Blue Card)))Blue Card is mobile application allowing users to share real-time information based on business Card (((((((Be local, social, adaptable and simple))))))). it's in brief a location based social network based on social collaboration and crowd sourcing concepts developed to make people more socialized in the real life with the help of new technologies and social networks based on sharing business card .

Teamstuff - Shine Technologies P/L (Beyond Software)

Best Mobile or App Startup

Teamstuff is an award winning, free mobile and web app for social sports teams that helps them to communicate and manage important team stuff like schedules, game details (with maps!), attendance, rostering, duties, contacts, emergency medical info and more. It lightens the workload for managers & coaches, makes scheduling clearer for parents and players with multiple schedules, works for all varieties of family and lets the whole team focus on the important stuff – the game itself. Less work, more play!

Dogalize - Business Competence srl

Best Mobile or App Startup

- Silver

The Best social network app for your dog. Dogalize is the best social network dedicated to your dog. Dogalize is an application that can interact with all social networks (facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, You Tube) allowing the user to share information, experiences, photos and videos of your dog with the other owners. dogalize is the social network for our best friend. we Dogalize, and you ?

Mazika - Mazika - ArpuPlus

Best Mobile or App Startup

We revamped our 16 years old music website www.mazika.com, and re-launched it this year with a stylish website, iOS & Android applications that enable users to stream and download their favorite music tracks from one of the finest collection including International and Arabic music labels; aiming to re-clinch the pole position as the No.1 music entertainment service in MENA region by mid next year. We offer many other engagement services in the website and apps to introduce a new music experience.


Best Mobile or App Startup

- Gold

PPLCONNECT is the world's first Virtual Smartphone. PPLCONNECT lets users send/receive their SMS as well as Free Messages, all in 1 thread. And then continue the conversation on their computer, tablet, and more. We also let users Call with their phone number from any device. Simply install the PPLCONNECT app on your phone & then go to www.pplco.mobi on any device to access/use your phone. That means you can SMS from a computer, call from a tablet or even a friend’s phone - all with your phone number! Have the smartphone experience you love, with increased flexibility.

Congrats - Formula PR / Congrats

Best Mobile or App Startup

Congrats is a first-of-its kind gifting app that connects people anywhere at any time through personalized video greetings and gifts to celebrate special occasions and milestones. A game-changer within the greeting card industry, Congrats provides an entirely new and innovative platform, which allows users to easily collaborate with others to create and send memorable greetings and personalized gifts sent instantly and securely via smartphone.

Perch - the must have SMB App - Closely

Best Mobile or App Startup

- Silver

Closely set out to solve the mystery of local digital marketing for SMBs. By providing a bird’s eye view into social, review and promotions activity for their businesses and competitors, small businesses are armed with daily inspiration and a watch tool in the form of an intuitive, easy to use mobile app. Perch App Home Page: http://perchapp.com/

Apptive - Apptive

Best Mobile or App Startup

Apptive’s philosophy is that all online merchants should have the ability to sell beyond the desktop with beautiful, native mobile applications. Apptive has structured its business around a DIY app creation and management platform that enables a non-technical user to create and deploy a mobile app for their online store in minutes. Apptive makes it economical for merchants to create an app with a low cost of $9.99 per month. That includes an iPhone and Android app, an account to manage the app, unlimited push notifications, app usage analytics and support.

Guest Locker Smart Security App - WeezLabs, Inc.

Best Mobile or App Startup

- Silver

Guest Locker is an Android Security Application that allows you to freely hand off your device to friends and family while protecting the data that you wish to remain private and secure. No rooting required!

TryOnApps - TryOnApps

Best Mobile or App Startup

TryOnApps is an innovative personalized virtual shopping tool, transfers shopping into an entertainment. A simple, fun, and powerful way to discover and virtually decorate your home with photos of real furniture from top brands. Take a picture of your kitchen, bathroom or any room in your home, be your own interior designer and decorate it with real images of furniture. Hundreds of furniture and home decoration items to choose from. Keep your favorite items in your treasure box, save your try-ons as your decoration idea cards. Turn your shopping into fun treasure hunting trip.

Bubble Browser for iPad - Macoscope

Best Mobile or App Startup

- Silver

Bubble Browser is the ultimate app for browsing your Evernote data. Bubble Browser is a visual metaphor for browsing and searching your data. Tags, notebooks and dates are presented as colorful and differently sized bubbles that expose most important information in any context. Bubble Browser for iPad lets you touch your Evernote data. You can tap any bubble to see and discover new connections between your notebooks, dates, and tags.


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