2016 London Design Awards

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Key Dates

15 September 2016 - Standard Deadline
16 November 2016 - Extended Deadline
17 November 2016 - Judging & Ratings
23 November 2016 - Rating Closes
24 November 2016 - Winners Announced
23 February - Awards Presentation

Interior Design - International Hospitality

Open to all international projects this award celebrates innovative and creative building interiors, with consideration given to space creation and planning, furnishings, finishes, aesthetic presentation and functionality. Consideration also given to space allocation, traffic flow, building services, lighting, fixtures, flooring, colours, furnishings and surface finishes.  

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Nominations in Category

Calligraphy Greenway Hotel - Calligraphy Greenway Hotel / Orange Bay Design

Interior Design - International Hospitality

- Silver

With the noncommercial artistic principles and two years preparation, “Calligraphy Greenway Hotel” starts its unique business in the way of delicacy and down-to-earth.

Extravagance in New Orientation - Fu Yu Construction Co., Ltd. / TIENFUN INTERIOR PLANNING LTD.

Interior Design - International Hospitality

- Silver

The skill in simplicity is used when processing totems, colors, and spatial lines. The abundant and figurative lines are present in introverted poise that communicate with modern design styles. The integral configuration emphasizes more possibilities reserved for the future, the method that leaves the residences the relaxation attitude to enjoy life.

Love over the Rock - SHUEI WU / Yung Interior Design Studio

Interior Design - International Hospitality

- Silver

This project is a famous hotel, which demonstrates the building exterior by interweaving the hill lines with the natural stones.

The Sparkling and Calm Coast - Costal Lighting Villa / Tang Interior Design Company

Interior Design - International Hospitality

- Silver

This case includes two individual villas, in classical British style, that cater visitors in a way as if living in a place of idyllic beauty by building up the stoa, veranda, gothic sleek windows, and courtyard full of native plants.

The Journey of Yi Su - Yi Su Hotel, Banquiao / Tang Interior Design Company

Interior Design - International Hospitality

This project is a new economic hotel which demonstrates the enterprise spirits of peculiar personality and young. On the basis of this idea, the project presents the contrast between the dark and white, the arrangement creating a vibrant youthful atmosphere in the space.

The New Fashion - TGI Fridays / Architect Liang&Sheng-Yuan lnterior Design

Interior Design - International Hospitality

TGI Fridays is situated on the Linsen North Road, the area of heavy traffic and confusion noises, and it is built on the ground and second floor in a composite mall. The inner space includes bar, open kitchen and dining area, extending the spirits of FRIDAYS. The designer fulfills the restaurant with colorful and bright America country style, presenting the atmosphere of putting people at ease and relaxed.

Enjoy · Meaningful Life - England Building Reception Center / Zao Yang Interior Design

Interior Design - International Hospitality

This case made for the design of reception center in a large. On the design concept, there is a continuation of the building work itself, stressed on the British classical style to create a European life. The creative designer used bright colors as the base, with different textures and materials like mirrors, satin, stone and metal, etc. in space creation, in order to create a rich, varied texture and a meaningful field.

Hiking Home - Hiking Home Hostel / CHU-studio

Interior Design - International Hospitality

Located in the high altitude of 900 meters in the mountains, the building keeps a low-profile and simple appearance. The mixture of cement painted, natural concrete texture, render of clouds which enhances the conversation between time and the building. It is almost the highest local hostel, the house coexists with the surrounding of primary forest. More than 80% of food served are planted, harvested and consumed by themselves. It also aims at using solar system and hydro power as more than half of their energy supply. It has become a model of self-sufficiency of the hillside, waiting for you to visit and experience.

Kittyhawk - Kittyhawk / AZBcreative

Interior Design - International Hospitality

- Gold

We took an amazing trip through time to create Kittyhawk, taking Sydney’s cocktail scene to a whole new level. The brief was to design an interior that captured the elements of classic French style and the bravado of American GIs in WWII, with authentic details. The story starts in 1944, with the Liberation of Paris. The whole of Paris was out on the streets celebrating, dancing and drinking Champagne with the American troops who brought them freedom. We captured that atmosphere of nostalgia and elation in one amazing rum and rye bar, with a sophisticated blend of French details and authentic artefacts and decorations from WWII. The vibe is sophisticated, with the raffish charm of the American GI’s at their favourite decadent after hours R’n’R spots and the chic, can-do spirit of Paris in the 1940s. We created custom elements to capture the fin de siècle details of traditional Parisian bars and classic brasseries, and sourced authentic vintage details like American posters and prints from WWII and military paraphernalia.

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