2014 UK Mobile & App Design Awards - Deadlines

28 May 2014 - Nominations Deadline
11 June 2014 - Extended Deadline
12 June 2014 - Judging
16 June 2014 - Rating closes
18 June 2014 - Awards Presentation

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Awards Entries

Droidcon, Londroid and Open source - Novoda Ltd

App Design Champion - Chairman's Award

- Winner

Novoda have created Droidcon, the largest Android conference in Europe alongside this Londroid which provides an online community along with regular meet ups in London; created in 2007 the conferences have been integral for the android community. Novoda work in conjunction with Skillsmatter and Google.


UXCam - Capture , Analyze, Improve - Complete User Experience - UXCam

Best API

- Winner

UXCam offers a cost-effective way to capture data with real context and visualise it. UXCam SDK runs in the background of an app, capturing screen-recording, camera-recording, gestures, touch-points and much allowing developers to make informed decisions to improve the usability of their apps while also reducing their costs.


Coeliac - Coeliac UK / Locassa Ltd

Best Audience Migration to Mobile Technology

- Winner

Coeliac disease is a lifelong autoimmune disease caused by the immune system reacting to gluten. Coeliac disease is common, affecting 1 in 100 people; however only 24% who have the condition have been diagnosed which means there are currently nearly half a million people who have coeliac disease but don’t yet know. If a first-degree family member (such as mother, father, sister or brother) has the condition then the chances of having it increase to 1 in 10.


MyDrive - MyDrive Solutions / Compsoft

Best Mobile Expanded Service or Application

- Winner

MyDrive are world leaders in telematics profiling, delivering the most detailed and accurate driver profiles to their customers in the insurance industry. MyDrive’s solution was originally based on “black-box” devices which would submit driver telematics data to the MyDrive servers. MyDrive has now expanded its service to support iOS and Android; using smartphone apps to collect and submit data negates the need to install specific devices, and enables insurers to integrate additional features, enhancing engagement with their brand. MyDrive’s SDKs can be used by insurers to create apps, or by Compsoft to develop apps for MyDrive customers.


Kabbee - Kabbee

Best Mobile or App Startup

- Winner

Kabbee is London’s leading minicab comparison and booking app that enables its users to receive instant quotes from more than 70 fleets with over 10,000 minicabs, at the tap of a button. The app has been developed to make the lives of Londoners easier, allowing them to book a car in advance or instantly, without the hassle of calling around for quotes. Kabbee was founded in June 2011 by a London-born entrepreneur who had the vision of taking what was a fragmented minicab industry, and bringing it in to the 21st century using state of the art technology.


LokLok - Kwamecorp

Best New Service or Application

- Winner

LokLok turns your phone's lock screen into a synchronized white board between you and the person you share your life with. Use it to leave notes, drawings and photos on your partner's lock screen.


ESPN UK App - ESPN / DigitasLBi

Best New Service or Application

- Winner

ESPN set out to serve sports fans on mobile and on tablet - wherever they are, whenever they want it.


Formworks - Digital Field Solutions / Compsoft

Best Platform

- Winner

Formworks for business eliminates the need for paper forms and cuts data processing time in half. The Formworks platform enables companies to easily create their own forms via a web GUI. Field based staff – for example salespeople, surveyors, facilities managers or auditors – then complete the forms on their iPad during a meeting or inspection. Formworks forms look familiar - just like paper forms, and support an exhaustive range of field types, including photo and signature capture, and handwriting recognition. Data is sent instantly back to the office - reducing paperwork and enabling faster data processing.


Make a Meal - Paul Saxby / Compsoft


- Winner

Unlike other recipe apps, Make a Meal helps consumers save money and reduce food waste by suggesting recipes based on the ingredients they have. The app contains 500 recipes, sourced from chefs and cooks around the world. Users can type to search for specific items (like chicken or tomatoes) or search by categories (like Pasta or Meat). Recipes can be filtered for ease and quickness of preparation and tailored for dietary preferences. Users can also rate recipes to help them remember the best, mark them as Favourites, or post pictures of cooking achievements to Facebook or Twitter!


Groupcall Emerge for Schools - Groupcall Limited


- Winner

In 2011, Groupcall Emerge launched the first mobile app designed for smart phones, tablets, Apple iOS, Android and later Windows 8.1 devices, allowing the school’s MIS (Management Information System) data to be available to view instantly and securely in both online and offline modes and permitting some data items to be written directly back to the MIS. Specifically, Emerge answers the long-standing issue of how to take electronic registration quickly and effectively anywhere within a school campus, regardless of connectivity, and how to ensure information remains available in the event of a total system failure.


Caribu - Caribu

Education & Family

- Winner

Turn a video call into story time! Caribu is a free iPad app that brings the family together wherever they are, by letting kids and their loved ones read beautiful picture books together through a video call.


Snap Fashion and Snap ColourPop - Snap Fashion


- Winner

Snap Fashion is the world's first cross-platform visual search engine for fashion. That means that you can see something you like, take a photo, and we'll find you similar items within seconds, searching hundreds of thousands of items for you. If you love something we direct you straight to a retailer’s website to buy it, or you can add it to your wishlist to save it for later, and we’ll even email you if it drops in price.


Snapt Energy - comparethemarket.com / Albion

Financial Information & Tools

- Winner

Switching energy providers can be a hassle for customers, whether that's filling out long online forms, or understanding complex tariffs. Comparethemarket.com developed Snapt Energy to address this issue and create an accessible app that enables customers to get a new supplier just using their paper bill and smartphone. It's that simple.


Race Yourself Mobile App - Race Yourself

Fitness, Nutrition & Diet

- Winner

Race Yourself for Mobile and Google Glass is the most motivating workout every created. Make your runs more fun by competing against your virtual self, terrifying opponents and playing mini-games. Designed and engineered to motivate you whilst running or cycling helping to take your exercise to the next level. Forget the boring stats that you're used to, you can now compete against your friends of a similar pace or race yourself to reach your personal best.


Boppl - Order food and drinks with your mobile. - Boppl

Food & Drink

- Winner

Boppl began with a simple idea; everyone should be able to order and pay, easily. We help businesses build relationships, not just pay for things. Our focus is to make transactions simple and easy; both sides of the counter.


Sherlock: The Network - The Project Factory


- Winner

Sherlock:The Network invites players to join the ‘homeless network’. Across ten cases, players help Sherlock and John solve cases; navigating virtual London on foot, by tube or by taxi; hearing from witnesses, collecting evidence, playing games and picking up cash and tools. As they progress, they move on to the more difficult task of sourcing intelligence and decrypting complex codes and puzzles with the ultimate mission of thwarting one overarching plot: the kidnapping of Mrs Hudson. On the day of release, the app reached #1 on the UK App Store and reached #1 entertainment app in 36 countries.


iProperty Log - iProperty Log / Rokk Media

Home & Garden

- Winner

Ever found yourself in a property not knowing how to deal with a burst pipe, electric fault or unable to find fixtures and fittings? iProperty Log is an innovative property management tool providing a secure place to manage your property including issue reporting, emergency contacts, fixtures and fittings, inventory and general document storage. This application revolutionises management of properties - allowing you to manage every detail of your property and even keep an eye on contractors. Landlords, especially those with large property portfolios find this application offers them significant advantages over traditional means of managing properties.


Pulse 2014 - Retail Marketing / Decoded Solutions Ltd

In Field Services

- Winner

Pulse 2014 is an enterprise data analytical reporting app for use by field retail marketing agents to facilitate training, point of sale placement, availability and product demonstrations at retail outlets across the UK. Enabling business-wide collection of marketing data, Pulse 2014 provides real time information to users regarding workloads and scheduling.


Foundations Pulse - CHS Engineering Services LTD

Line of Business

- Winner

We currently provide a cloud based Computerised Maintenance Management System (CMMS), CHS Foundations hosted in the Azure cloud. Based on our CHS Foundations CMMS we wanted to create a solution that would not only utilise the vast data sets we hold but also deliver this in a useful way that is easy to navigate, providing key summarised information to the user through a tablet. The app needed to be created in a way that would support a navigation system that could easily absorb more content as we grow the Foundations Pulse service.


myPace - University of Bath / White October


- Winner

Tackling obesity: Mobile app myPace enables overweight patients to manage weight loss With funding from the European Food Information Council (EUFIC), Brunel University undertook some research into the role of dietitians in addressing obesity, and how the concept of the patients’ energy balance relates to this. myPace is the energy balance app designed in partnership with dieticians, enabling health professionals to stay connected with their clients between consultations. It provides dieticians with an innovative way to set-up and record objectives for their patients, track clients’ progress and moods, and send motivational messages. For more information about myPace go to www.myPaceapp.com. [102]


HL Live for iPad - Hargreaves Lansdown / Mubaloo

Mobile Trading Platforms

- Winner

HL Live for iPad is a customisable live investment trading app with real-time news and financial information about stocks, shares and markets. HL Live for iPad is the most comprehensive personal investment mobile app available. The app provides Hargreaves Lansdown customers with the ability to manage their accounts, as well as place share and fund trades quickly and easily. HL Live for iPad has been the top free investment trading app in the App Store since launching in December 2013.


Junglator - Studio Amplify

Music & Performance

- Winner

Drum’n’Bass heads and DJs looking to mashup old school jungle beats with an iPad or iPhone should get hooked up with a rhythmic new toy: Junglator for iOS is an interactive music app, which grants users the ability to mix Drum’n’Bass beats and loops on screen.


Land Rover Media Hub - Land Rover / FP Creative


- Winner

The Land Rover Media Hub is a kiosk-style iPad app built to disseminate Land Rover and Range Rover news, media information and assets to a global audience. The app contains digital press packs, resource packs and a news feed all of which are updated as new stories and information are released by Land Rover.


Wud U? - Barnardo's Helping You Stay Safe - Barnardos / Red C

Not For Profit

- Winner

Barnardo’s multi-platform, storytelling app, 'Wud U?', is an educational tool designed to help teachers and other professionals educate young people about the risk of sexual exploitation. The app illustratively displays various scenarios in which users can think about the decisions they would make if they were in the same situation and receive advice and guidance based on their choices.



Online Shopping

- Winner

With smartphone software constantly evolving and producing better quality high resolution images and videos, more and more people are capturing their precious moments on their phone. However, these precious moments are often captured on their devices and then either uploaded onto the user’s social media channels or unintentionally forgotten about. CEWE Photobook has developed a one-of-a-kind, free downloadable app compatible with iPhones, androids and tablets. Using the app, consumers can upload photos straight from their photo album on their phone and create a photo book, calendar, prints and postcards with just the swipe of a finger.


Teamstuff - Shine Technologies P/L - Beyond Software

Productivity Apps

- Winner

Teamstuff is an award winning, free mobile and web app for social sports teams that helps them to communicate and manage important team stuff like schedules, game details (with maps!), attendance, rostering, duties, contacts, emergency medical info and more. It lightens the workload for managers & coaches, makes scheduling clearer for parents and players with multiple schedules, works for all varieties of family and lets the whole team focus on the important stuff – the game itself. Less work, more play!


Solo - Thrive

Project Management

- Winner

Solo is a beautiful yet powerful business management tool for freelancers. Harnessing the power of cloud computing, it streamlines the whole of their workflow, including time-tracking, project management and invoicing. When used for these day-to-day business tasks, Solo outputs easily understood business intelligence, helping solve common freelance pain points. This allows users to make informed business decisions.


Tesco Hudl - Groceries App - Tesco Ltd / Novoda Ltd

Retail & Shopping

- Winner

Working closely with Tesco's Novoda delivered a native suite of Android applications including its' flagship Tesco groceries app and Tesco launcher which provides users with access to all of Tesco's digital services.



Retail & Shopping

- Winner

BOXPARK Market Place takes the revolutionary East London shipping container mall to the next level. A new website and app give a true multi-channel experience to consumers, allowing them to buy, share and like, instore, online or mobile.


iPresent - Mobile Sales Presentations - iPresent Ltd

Sales Force

- Winner

iPresent is the dynamic, interactive tool for sales teams that seamlessly transforms the management and presentation of collateral for mobile devices.


Everyday Golf Coach - Everyday Golf Coach / Compsoft


- Winner

Everyday Golf Coach is the complete golf swing analysis and coaching package, giving the user offline access to 38 HD quality coaching videos with notes covering all aspects of the game. Users can search videos for particular topics and mark favourite videos for future reference. The Swing Analyser enables the user to import and analyse their own swing videos, and compare with the library of professional swings. Drawing tools with hints enable the user to annotate their own video to assist analysis. Users can also post pictures and videos to social media showing their progress.


The Freesat App - Freesat


- Winner

The new Freesat App is designed to enhance the viewing experience for UK television viewers, and make life simpler for consumers of Freesat’s subscription-free UK television service by helping them manage their TV-viewing. The Freesat App allows viewers to access on-demand content, using Freesat’s Freetime service to roll back over the past 7 days of TV, as well as to see what’s coming up, and to set reminders and recordings inside and outside the home. Viewers can even use the Freesat App as a replacement for their remote control giving them a more interactive experience with the TV they love.


Colourblind Tube Map - 232 Studios & Ian Hamilton

Travel & Tourism

- Winner

London underground map redesigned for easier viewing by people with all forms of colourblindness, and other vision impairments such as cataracts, loss of contrast sensitivity and myopia. If you have difficulty using the London tube map, this could be the answer. -Official licensed London tube map -Designed for and tested with people with a range of impairments -Combination of colour and pattern for colourblindness -Selection of different maps for other vision impairments, eg increased contrast, inversion, reduced glare -Large detailed high-zoom maps -Simple easy to use interface with no fiddly gestures -Choice of text size




- Winner

1ROOF is a free, online marketplace connecting the public with vetted and insured tradespeople.




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