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Retail Experience

This award celebrates creative and innovative design in the retail environment. Consideration given to attracting, engaging and motivating customers to make purchases, the use of colour, lighting, space, product information, sensory inputs (smell, touch, sound) as well as technologies such as digital displays and interactive installations.

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Retail Experience

- Winner

Clearly is the world’s largest online retailer of glasses, sunglasses and contact lenses. Eyewear shopping has historically been a very medical based shopping experience. But our consumer insights research identified that shoppers regard their eyes as one of the most valuable pieces of ‘real estate’ when it comes to defining their fashion style. With Clearly's first physical store in the southern hemisphere, we were challenged to convert the retail experience from a 'medical' experience to a fun, 'fashion' based experience. Located in the 'Ivy' complex in the Sydney CBD, we were further challenged to create a retail experience that would appeal to both day time office workers and night time revellers. Using visual merchandising in the form a 2.5m metre high rotating mirror ball, a night lights display visible from George Street, a custom scent, and specially commissioned music, the Clearly store has transformed the eyewear shopping experience into a joy. The store has has achieved great media coverage, incredibly positive consumer feedback, and regularly draws crowds of people to the windows who are eager to watch the spectacular night time sound and lights show.

Coopers Ale House - Emirates Retail Leisure Australia / Patrick Torcasio Design

Retail Experience


The projected required a creative solution which satisfied the requirements of all 3 clients; Sydney Airport, Coopers Beer & Emirates Retail Leisure Australia. Originally boarding gate lounge area which was separated into 2 tenancies at the end of a typical airport white space within the Virgin Terminal. The brief was to design a Hudsons Coffee and a Coopers Ale House Bar within those tenancies which complimented the terminal space & provided the correct brand presence to attract & hold customers.

Sushi Hub - Sushi Hub Pty Ltd / Rptecture Architects

Retail Experience


A contemporary twist to traditional Japanese architecture has been brought to life with Sushi Hub's most popular store, situated in Broadway. The bustling, fast paced environment has paved an opportunity for the modern design to be amplified to a new level. A collaboration between it's urban location and signature design features form a space that is engaging and interactive. The concept of having the urban landscape merging into the store is explored through an intricate yet bold mural applied on faux basalt panels. The artwork is offset against undulating waves of timber, transforming it into a three dimensional piece of art. Color application throughout the shop is strategically applied to areas to bring them to the foreground or background. Texture is another method employed to create a unique and tactile experience. Natural and environmentally sustainable 'sisal', typically used for flooring, has been applied on the walls. Exterior faux basalt panels have been implemented into the interior space. These atypical applications reinforce the design intent of highlighting the urban environment within the shop whilst maintaining the natural zen-like notions of Japanese architecture.

Optus Sydney Flagship Store - Optus Singtel / greater group

Retail Experience


As part of a national rebrand designed to celebrate the best of the past by redefining it for the future, Optus Singtel embarked on a redesign of their retail store experience to create the new YES concept. The second-ranked mobile carrier worked with greater group to redefine the customer experience, introducing innovative design, interactive selling tools and communications to deliver an experiential store. As part of a 300 store rollout, George Street in Sydney is the premier flagship experience store.

9 Noodle House - 9 Noodle House / R.Kim+Envision Design Consortium

Retail Experience


No. 9 Noodle House is not simply a design project, but an artwork.The extraordinary art experiment with vivid rhythm shows the designer’s bold imagination and great passion. The main ceiling feature of the design simulates noodles flowing out from the bowl to fill the entire area with elegant waves. Every piece of this design resembles the movement of the noodle hand-making process, customers are captivated by the stereoscopic noodle structure that flows continuously across the entire ceiling space. This has brought depth into the design while composing a harmonious balance with the overall environment. It connects customers to the food they enjoy and embraces them on an enchanting culinary journey. The fabric structure made by plywood creates the noodle shaped fixtures, which ties the traditional cultural structure to the modern and innovative design. Various shades of dark grey and soft lighting were applied in the interior to create a contrast to the curvy structure, which significantly intensifies and enhances the dramatic visual effect of the fabric structure. This thoughtful colour combination also creates a warm and comforting atmosphere for customers enjoying the food in the restaurant.


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