2014 Sydney Design Awards - Deadlines

5 August 2014 - Extended Deadline
6 August 2014 - Judging
13 August 2014 - Finalists announced
17 August 2014 - Rating Closes
20 August 2014 - Awards Presentation

Graphic Design - Three Dimensional

This award celebrates creative and innovative design in traditional or digital visual representation of ideas and messages used in packaging. Consideration given to: 
  • clarity of communication and the matching information style to audience; 
  • the approach, including marketing and branding concerns, the dynamics of the retail environment, environmental considerations, and legal requirements; 
  • the component parts of packaging graphics such as colour rationalisation, information layout, feel and tone of illustration and photography, and finishes, and how they are used in isolation and in relation to each other; and 
  • the relationship to the anatomy of the structural design.

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Nominations in Category

The Tea Guild - And Creative

Graphic Design - Three Dimensional

- Winner

Revitalising the masculinity of the Australia tea market - This concept was the foundation to establishing the brand The Tea Guild as boutique Tea brand providing an offering to a male demographic, a sector typically neglected within the Australian market. Drawing from tradition and designing for longevity sees to the creation of this elegant and crafted brand and accompanying packaging system. The set includes custom fabricated tea tins, a Queensland Walnut storage box, stainless steel tea strainer, coasters and information guide.

Table of Plenty Muesli - Table of Plenty / Boxer & Co.

Graphic Design - Three Dimensional


For a brand with emotional aspirations, Table of Plenty’s old packaging was extremely rational with the brand sitting on the front face in a corporate fashion, quite separate from the main graphics of the pack. The new packaging had to better reflect their values, to look more innovative, creative and caring. In the design solution, a ‘burst of abundance’ forms a holding shape for the logo. This beautiful merging of watercolours and textures changes colour and density across flavour variants. Around the edge, leaves, birds and plants form a complex and stunning outline which evokes nature and celebration of life, whilst the negative space below the burst creates a ‘subliminal’ pair of cupped hands, underscoring the idea of nature’s bounty, and something that customers can discover over time as they form a deeper connection with the brand and the pack sits on breakfast table after breakfast table. The brand name has gone from being a corporate-looking heading to a stunning device that is central to the pack creative, to create strong brand recognition. Overall, the pack stands out by creating a moment of quiet and beauty amongst the loudness of the supermarket cereal aisle.

Bassett Espresso - Bassett Espresso / Squad Ink

Graphic Design - Three Dimensional


Paul Bassett, former World Barista Champion, is the visionary behind Bassett Espresso. From the moment Paul presented us with the challenge to reinvigorate his existing coffee brand, we recognised what was to be a truly rewarding collaboration. Bassett Espresso is a reflection of Paul’s personal taste. It portrays his journey of creative expression and the continuation of his relationship with coffee, capturing the imagination and potential of quality espresso.

Tetley Infusions - Tata Global Beverages Australia / Boldinc Brand Innovation

Graphic Design - Three Dimensional


Tetley had a fantastic range of fruit and herbal teas, but the existing design wasn’t living up to the quality of the product. You only have to sit down and taste one to discover a truly sensorial experience of real fruit flavours. Armed with our recently updated Tetley identity, we drove the craft and believability of the brand and its tea throughout the entire experience.

Bazaar Breads of the World - George Weston Foods / Anthem

Graphic Design - Three Dimensional


George Weston Foods commissioned us to create a new look for its ‘Bazaar. Breads of the World’ range that would reflect a distinctive brand personality and emphasise its core values of freshness, versatility and above all… provenance. The brand is leveraged by harnessing flavours from around the world and relies heavily on authenticity and experience. The packaging needed to reflect the exotic nature of provenance and the vibrancy and freshness it brings to the category.

Nugan Estate-Matriarch - Nugan Estate / Depot Creative

Graphic Design - Three Dimensional

To release the Nugan Estate Matriarch McLaren Vale Shiraz 2006, the Nugan family’s benchmark McLaren Vale Shiraz made in honour of Michelle Nugan, who recently retired after 27 years as CEO of the Nugan Group.

Sensory Lab - Boldinc Brand Innovation

Graphic Design - Three Dimensional

How do you capture the essence of an experience and emotionally engage with consumers via the senses? This was our goal in creating the SensoryLab. Our sense of smell is extraordinarily emotive. A fragrance can transport us to another place in our minds and hearts. A scent can take us on a journey, unlock memories and past experiences. It's playful, adventurous and a powerful emotional connector. The SensoryLab distills the essence of four unique cities into scent. A unique and surprising combination of aromas captures the diverse experiences of London, Hong Kong, Singapore and Sydney, bottled and beautifully packaged.


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