2014 New York Design Awards - Deadlines

21 April 2014 - Nominations Deadline
13 May 2014 - Extended Deadline
14 May 2014 - Judging
17 May 2014 - Finalists announced
17 May 2014 - Rating closes
20 May 2014 - Awards Presentation
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Awards Entries

Moto Match - Motorola / DigitasLBi

Advertising - Outdoor, Retail, POS

- Winner

We installed Moto Match everywhere— from music festivals to vacant storefronts to the runway shows at New York’s Fashion Week. From these kiosks and installations people can share their unique creation—or print out their design, which contains a unique URL—to purchase their Moto X later.


Interactive Print - Motorola / DigitasLBi

Advertising - Print

- Winner

We created an interactive print ad that allows you to change the color of the Moto X with the touch of your finger – without leaving the page.


Empire City Casino at Yonkers Raceway - Empire City Casino / STUDIO V Architecture

Architecture - Commercial - Constructed

- Winner

STUDIO V set out to completely re-invent the modern casino. The typical casino is a themed box cut off from its environment. In our design, a four story high arc of frameless glass expresses the energy of the casino on the outside, and brings the drama of the unique landscape and architecture into the gaming hall.


+ POOL - Family & PlayLab

Architecture - Proposed

- Winner

Plus Pool (+ POOL), is an initiative to build the world’s first water-filtering, floating pool in New York.


Dandelion - Protein One

Digital Experience - Mobile

- Winner

The Australian global success story which spread the word that “Bullying is for people with no imagination”. Dandelion is an interactive anti-bullying book for children which encourages kids to embrace their creativity to build their confidence. The story was written when the author’s son was bullied, so he wrote a book which would give parents a platform with which to discuss the topic with their kids. It was designed and developed as an App (becoming the #1 Book App in the Australian App Store within 2 weeks), out-ranking Dr Seuss and Pixar on the App Store and was selected by Apple for ‘Best of 2012’. However, such was the impact of the story, that it was published by Penguin Random House as a hardcover picture book. The project has spun off into merchandise, a stage play and is now being developed as a children’s TV show.


ferret - na2ure

Digital Experience - Mobile

- Winner

Imagine that a child could learn the entire Encyclopedia of Life--including how nature designs and solves problems around structure, pattern and color--without it ever feeling like school. FERRET is an interactive iPad app that teaches children the ins and outs of the animal kingdom through play. Children are challenged to “build” animals from the inside out, using intuitive building blocks of anatomical information. Each tap and swipe leads to new discoveries about how animals are made -- and reinforces how they are classified in the natural world. Children first comprehend by seeing, and we have spared no detail to make our app the most visually stunning science app on the market. FERRET features elegant design, vivid color coding, hi-resolution photography, and both video and icons that explain scientific classification in descriptive, plain English. FERRET unlocks the aptitude for discovery inherent in every child… and will help create the next generation of scientists, artists, and designers.


Moto Maker - Motorola / DigitasLBi

Digital Experience - Website

- Winner

The site creates real-time rendered, interactive 3D graphics that run in a web browser without the need to download or install any additional plugins. Moto Maker’s intuitive UI turns what could be a cumbersome and intimidating process into one that is striking in its simplicity.


Women in the World - Women in the World

Event Experience - Consumer

- Winner

Celebrating its fifth anniversary with a summit at New York’s Lincoln Center April 3-5, 2014, Women in the World: Stories + Solutions, presented by Tina Brown LIVE Media, is one of America's foremost forums to showcase the work of women leaders from around the world. An exciting and powerful event centered on live journalistic storytelling, the Women in the World Summit brings to one stage inspiring women and men from diverse cultures and backgrounds. Featuring CEOs, industry icons, and world leaders, as well as artists, grassroots activists, and firebrand dissidents, the 3-day event makes vivid the stories of the courageous and intelligent women who are taking on the status quo in their native countries, leading peace movements in the face of war and conflict, and shattering glass ceilings in every sector.


Everything is Story - Zandrak

Film - Corporate

- Winner

A brand video that combines a company portfolio with the structure and style of a narrative film. The result is a celebration of creativity, beauty, and stories waiting to be told.



Film - Short/Viral

- Winner

CLOUDS is the world’s first 3D, interactive, generative, documentary film. It can be viewed as a gallery installation, a guided screening or through the 3D lens of the virtual reality headset of the Oculus Rift. CLOUDS was recently featured at Sundance: New Frontier as well as Tribeca Film Festival's Storyscapes, where it won the 2014 Transmedia Award


St. Bart's Church Identity - St. Bart's Church / OCD - Orginal Champions of Design

Graphic Design - Corporate Identity and Branding

- Winner

Saint Bartholomew's Church - affectionately known as St. Bart's - is an Episcopal Church located on Park Avenue and 51st Street in New York CIty. The Romanesque structure is unique among its peers. Ultimately, architectural style drove the visual strategy so much that the typography was lifted directly from the building facade.


Yale School of Management - Digital Signage & Data Visualization - Yale University / Unified Field Inc.

Graphic Design - Environmental

- Winner

The Yale School of Management (SoM), a new 242,000 square foot building was designed and built by Norman Foster + Partners. To create a lasting impression of the school’s presence and brand, and to easily communicate timely information, Unified Field created three floors of interactive media and digital signage for the students, faculty and visitors at Yale. This narrow cast network displays real time information such as school-wide agendas, class and conference schedules, special announcements, insightful information and photography from students, staff and guest speakers as well as customized presentations, data visualizations and broadcast media. The data visualization on the three-level floor to ceiling media installation currently addresses topics related to the theme of business, society and leadership in an increasingly complex world. Topics include global comparisons of Internet and social media usage, type and availability of medical care as a percentage of population, life expectancy, comparisons of market values of publicly traded stock, cost of capital and gross national product.


Pioneer Girl - Penguin USA / The Studio of Chris Silas Neal

Graphic Design - Illustration and Type

- Winner

Jacket art and typography for Pioneer Girl by Bich Minh Nguyen, a novel about Lee Lien, daughter of Vietnamese immigrants, who struggles to find meaning post-grad, and discovers a surprising connection between her family and the family of Laura Ingalls Wilder, author of the Little House on The Prairie novels.


The dead Rabbit Grocery and Grog drinks list 2nd edition - The Dead Rabbit Grocery and Grog / DRINKSOLOGY®

Graphic Design - Publication

- Winner

DRINKSOLOGY® were enlisted by The Dead Rabbit to create the 2nd edition Mixed Drinks list for “ The World’s Best New Cocktail Bar” NY. The menu summarises the true story of notorious NY gang leader, John Morrissey’s, life from impoverished low life, gangland fighter to esteemed statesman in a beautifully crafted 84 page case bound leather book. DRINKSOLOGY® not only fulfilled the concept generation of the book, Dead Rabbit copywriting, editing, illustration, design and print but also orchestrated in-depth and critically acclaimed recounting of the Irish whiskey industry throughout the century and into the modern era. Writing from world acclaimed critic Dave Broom and legendary distiller Barry Crockett, make the project truly unique and of genuine historical merit. Imagery in the later 2 sections was obtained by DRINKSOLOGY® through unprecedented access to Pernod Ricards historical archive in Midleton and most of the historical imagery has never been in the public domain prior to the books release. Critically acclaimed by the NY Times and described as “The most bad ass cocktail menu we have ever seen” by Esquire Magazine, it is a fitting sequel to the DRINKSOLOGY® produced 1st edition menu which already won “The World’s Best Cocktail Menu”.


Wizards and Robots - Will.i.am / Struck

Graphic Design - Three Dimensional

- Winner

It’s not everyday you are commissioned to help introduce a comic property to the world. Let alone by Will.i.am and his collaborative partner Brian David Johnson, a futurist at Intel. When they approached us to launch Wizards and Robots, a scientific story of the past, present, and future, we knew we had to do it in a way that had never been done before. The final product was a unique 3D-printed “artifact” from the future, sent back by story’s main character, which lays out the foundation of the world of WaR though 4 encyclopedia-style books.


JIX - Blank Bubble

Installation, Display, Exhibit & Set Design

- Winner

JIX is a multifunctional construction system designed to work with standard drinking straws. It is intended for kids and adults. With JIX you can build everything from ambitious room-sized structures to intricate table-top sculptures. All you have to do is add straws. JIX is a fun and educational toy, and a great way to create spectacular art, interior design, set design projects or even furniture.


Against The Odds: American Jews & The Rescue of Refugees 1933-1941 - Museum of Jewish Heritage / C&G Partners

Installation, Display, Exhibit & Set Design

- Winner

From 1933 to 1941, as the world moved towards war, European Jews sought haven from the Nazis, reaching out to relatives, friends, even strangers. The exhibition “Against the Odds” tells the little-known story of the real-life Americans who answered that call. Despite strict immigration laws, these generous few, many immigrants themselves, overcame tremendous obstacles to help the refugees to safety.


Shutterstock Headquarters - Shutterstock / STUDIOS Architecture

Interior Design - Corporate or Hospitality

- Winner

Founded in 2003, Shutterstock is a technology company, operating in more than 150 countries that brings photos, vectors, illustrations, and video to creative professionals from thousands of contributors around the world. Shutterstock hired STUDIOS to assist with their relocation to the 20th and 21st floor of the Empire State Building. The new location houses 450 staff in a loft-like atmosphere that integrates technology, productivity, and a sense of community.


Harlem Biospace - Harlem Biospace

Interior Design - Public or Institutional

- Winner

Harlem Biospace is a new biotech incubator, the first of its kind to provide affordable wet lab space in a co-working environment in NYC. NYC is perfectly position to surpass traditional biotech hubs like San Francisco Bay area and Cambridge/Boston. NYC has a magical creative energy and exacting design. Consider the typical laboratory space: dropped ceilings, linoleum floors, fluorescent lighting, veneer countertops. Windowless caves where scientists hunch over their microscopes and computers, utterly sterile and isolated. That is a far cry from Harlem Biospace, located in a 19th century candy research facility in the heart of Manhattanville. We have created a space that inspires our scientist entrepreneurs and reflected NYC and the makers and designers that make this city unique.


Transformer Tea House Dining Room - The 85-Percent / Gwynne McCue Interiors

Interior Design - Residential

- Winner

How do you do more with less in a small space? Seriously small. It’s a common question these days and one I tackled in a 30 square foot space for a client. Given a modest dining alcove area in a Manhattan brownstone, I was inspired by my client to create a Japanese jewel box effect with flexible furnishings that allow Eastern style seating on the floor, Western style seating, and buffet/standing room options for hosting larger groups. The room's concept started a domino effect that set the tone for the rest of the home's rooms, but it could also be effectively scaled up for commercial applications.


Pivot Sconce - Brendan Ravenhill Studio

Lighting Design

- Winner

The Pivot Sconce gets its name from the adjustability of its spun aluminum shade. The geometry of the shade is designed to reflect the vectors of the supporting structure. The cast collar is a complex but essential component, providing an elegant transition from each shade to the more delicate lines of its supporting arm.


SK-II Pop Up Studio - Procter & Gamble / Procter & Gamble

Marketing - Branded Experience

- Winner

Luxury skin care brand SK-II strategically opened a Pop Up Studio on each coast (NY & SF) specifically designed to bring an enhanced brand experience to new beauty enthusiasts. Rather than sell product, the Pop Up Studios were designed to educate consumers on the brand story, and launch a new breakthrough digital skin analysis tool that measures your skin’s score across the five dimensions of ageless skin, enabling a customized skin care ritual.



Product Design - Active Life

- Winner

MYBELL is the world’s 1st customizable bicycle bell – think ringtones for your bike. Specifically, MYBELL is a programmable audio and visual platform that empowers users to choose how they want to sound and look (especially at night). MYBELL uses a high power speaker to play sound files at high volumes and three high intensity LEDs to provide visibility at night. Users can upload their selected digital sound files MYBELL empowers people by offering freedom of choice which captivates imaginations. As socially responsible individuals we should encourage cycling and freedom of choice. MYBELL provides a range of options to match any environment which will change the way bikers and mobile scooters are perceived and recognized. MYBELL will embolden people to try sustainable means of transportation which will play a part in making the world a better place.


Smartstreets-Cyclepark™: Transformational bike parking - Smartstreets Ltd

Product Design - Active Life

- Winner

Cities, campuses and other shared spaces often experience problems with random, unauthorized bicycle parking and bicycle theft. Cyclists will seek to lock their bike as close as possible to a destination and will use a sign post, railing or lamp post in the absence of official bike parking facilities. This can create problems with chained bikes being lifted off the top of short sign posts and bicycles blowing or loosely secured bicycles being knocked over to create trip hazards. The Smartstreets-Cyclepark design quickly improves official bike parking opportunities across cities and campuses without adding clutter, by transforming existing sign posts and lamp posts in a matter of minutes into secure bike parking for two bicycles. This makes streets safer, reduces bike theft and improves civic pride by helping Councils and Municipalities encourage cycling and keep streets looking well organized with greater provision for bike parking, even on narrow streets where traditional bike parking stands would take up too much room.


Glowdeck - Power Light & Sound Company, Inc.

Product Design - Entertainment

- Winner

Glowdeck is the ultimate companion for your smartphone, wrapping a wireless charger, Bluetooth speaker, LED light system, and wifi-enabled notifications platform into a sleek wooden box that looks great on any surface in your home.


StrongArm Ergoskeleton, V22 - StrongArm Technologies, Inc.

Product Design - Industry

- Winner

Whether you are moving boxes around the warehouse or moving packages for UPS, you know lifting is gruesome work. The V22 is a Self-Powered exoskeleton that makes lifting easier and safer. To make lifting safe, we started with the root of the problem, “the human body.” We created a technology that bolsters a worker’s musculoskeletal system making lifting more natural, safe and powerful. The V22 is the first precision lifting ErgoSkeleton in the world creating an entirely new category of safety equipment that enhances human performance. StrongArm passive ergoskeleton is a load redistribution device that increases strength, reduces fatigue, reduces injury and turns average workers into Industrial Athletes


Strut Shelving system - Souda LLC

Product Design - Industry

- Winner

Modern minimalism meets classic architectural construction in the Strut Shelving System. Inspired by the Manhattan Bridge and construction techniques of early aircraft carriers, the modular system is functional and flexible making it ideal for commercial and residential spaces alike. Offered in both powder coated and plated options, the polished simplicity and adaptability of the system is sure to support any interior effortlessly.


Nod - Nod Labs / Whipsaw Inc

Product Design - Personal Use

- Winner

Nod is a universal wireless controller for manipulating content on one’s TV, computer, smart phone, or any other device that requires interaction with digital media. Simply wear Nod on your finger like a ring and gesture naturally to operate devices around you. Point, wave and twist your hand in the air to control your TV or computer; glide across Nod’s gestural onscreen keyboard to type; rotate your hand to adjust temperature on your thermostat, and much more. Nod is a radical new type of product that lets us control the technology around us in an easier and more natural way.


FlyKly Smart Wheel - FlyKly

Product Design - Concept

- Winner

Smart Wheel is lightweight and highly efficient all-in-one design pedal assist that fits on practically any bicycle.


XO Tablet - One Laptop per Child

Product Design - Education

- Winner

OLPC’s vision is that by empowering poor children to educate themselves, a new generation will ultimately be better prepared to tackle the other serious problems facing their societies. Sixty countries and three million children, many refugees and orphans, have benefited from this nonprofit organization. That is just the beginning - laptop and tablet deployments are ongoing as OLPC continues to work with governments and NGO’s throughout the world to put connected technology in the hands of children. The One Laptop per Child project has become a model for providing disadvantaged children worldwide with the opportunity for education, a window to the outside world, a way to connect with each other, and a springboard to a brighter future.


Stick Rack - FAB.com / IKDF Studios

Product Design - Furniture Indoor & Outdoor

- Winner

A coat rack for the minimalist at heart.


Tubular Dining Setting by Jamie Durie for RIVA 1920 - DURIE DESIGN

Product Design - Furniture Indoor & Outdoor

- Winner

The Tubular Dining Setting - designed by Jamie Durie for RIVA 1920


Trinity Centrepiece (Alessi) - Alessi / Adam Cornish Design

Product Design - Homewares

- Winner

The project started as self-initiated research into naturally occurring light weight structures as it was my belief that these natural forms could be used as inspiration to create new ways of manufacturing products.


DeskPal - Oak & Spindle

Product Design - Office

- Winner

Introducing: the original, oh-so-handsome, DeskPal. Carved from a single solid block of timber with classic well proportioned design. DeskPal promises to clean up that workspace while looking sharp and dapper at the same time.


Fairphone - Fairphone

Product Design - Technology

- Winner

Fairphone is a social enterprise that uncovers complex systems to change how things are made. By creating a seriously cool smartphone, we’re opening up the supply chain, influencing industry changes and creating a market for products that put ethical values first. One step at a time, we’re building new relationships between people and their products in the name of a fairer economy. It’s not just a phone, it’s a movement.


Simply Grid - electrifying a food cart in Union Square - New York City Mayor's Office / Simply Grid

Services - Corporate

- Winner

In September 2013, Simply Grid launched a food cart electrification pilot in New York City's Union Square. This is the first example of a mobile food vendor on New York City’s public streets using grid electricity rather than a noisy, polluting generator. The pilot was launched in conjunction with the New York City Mayor's Office of Long-Term Planning and Sustainability, Con Edison, the NYC Department of Transportation, and Closed Loop Advisors.


Aarting.com - Aartng

Services - Not for Profit/Community

- Winner

Aarting is a crowdfunding platform that makes it easy for visual artists to create and sell custom products.


BQ Green - St. Nicks Alliance / dlandstudio architecture and landscape architecture pllc

Urban Design

- Winner

The Brooklyn Queens Expressway (BQE) was originally proposed by the Regional Plan Association in the mid-1930s to mitigate traffic congestion, facilitate industrial development and strengthen the connection between the boroughs of New York City. However, its construction left a trail of divided neighborhoods in its wake. dlandstudio developed BQGREEN to reconnect neighborhoods divided by construction of the BQE. The design caps two blocks of the trench in Southside Williamsburg Brooklyn to provide playing fields and verdant, flexible open space for the neighborhood, while simultaneously reducing many of the negative environmental, economic and social impacts of the highway artery. With this proposal, the BQE is reconceived as an environmentally and ecologically productive spine that introduces new recreation spaces, ecological strategies, and infrastructural improvements that enhance the urban performance of the trench while transforming it into a true public amenity.




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