2013 Melbourne Design Awards - Key Dates

25 August 2013 - Extended close date
2 September 2013 - Judging
19 September 2013 - Finalists announced
15 October 2013 - Rating Closes
23 October 2013 - Awards Night
Best of the best - Winners list

Interior Design - Retail

This award celebrates innovative and creative building interiors, with consideration given to space creation and planning, furnishings, finishes and aesthetic presentation. Consideration given to space allocation, traffic flow, building services, lighting, fixtures, flooring, colours, furnishings and surface finishes.

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Nominations in Category

Giant Bicycles Australia Store Revitalisation (HAMPTON) - Giant Bicycles / Diadem

Interior Design - Retail

- Winner

Diadem is working with Giant Bikes to reinvigorate the Giant in-store experience with professionalism, quality and personality. In creating a customer journey that is both sensory and functional Diadem has focused on three guiding principles: craftsmanship, innovation and inspiration. Giant’s aim is to inspire adventure in all riders from casual to competitive. The new stores are designed to present the healthy, fun and environmentally friendly virtues of the new cycling lifestyle. An enhanced customer experience is offered through custom fitting and the front-of-house visibility of the bike workshop allowing customers to interact with mechanics and experience the customer service attributes of the Giant brand.

Oscar & Wild - Oscar & Wild Boutique / Matt Gibson Architecure + Design

Interior Design - Retail


Oscar & Wild Camberwell is a woman’s fashion boutique owned by the effervescent Iranian born, Melbournian Paloma Hatami. This is the second of her stores following the opening of her original Kew store in 2009. Oscar & Wild stock garments and accessories sourced from locations such as Iran, Dubai and Morocco as well as containing celebrated Australian Designers and International brands catering to fashion savvy clientele. The selection and combination of pieces are rigorously and passionately sourced by Paloma herself, of which the composition is a very real representation of her rich history & style.

Pets Carnival - Pets Carnival / Rptecture Architects

Interior Design - Retail


“Pets Carnival” is a retail store that celebrates the joy and playfulness that comes with being a pet owner. The concept is to initiate a new way of viewing the traditional shopping experience. By personalizing the built environment, we can instigate a movement of thought, where animals are more than just pets but an integral part of the family. This idea has formed the fundamental basis for the design and is expressed in the prominent features and finer details throughout the space. Challenging the widely accepted pet stores established around Melbourne, Pets Carnival serves as an alternative option that appeals to the masses. Located within the newly restored Centro Box Hill shopping center, the store has employed a variety of methods to create a decorative and tactile finish that coincides with the concept and develops a physical interaction with the store. Scale and space have been manipulated to create a diverse and engaging setting that generates interest in the shoppers and transports them to another dimension. All facets of the shop have been treated in various ways, encapsulating the frivolity and fun-loving nature of the carnival concept, whilst honoring the intent of the store.

Vision Camberwell - Vision Camberwell / caia_di_lizio design

Interior Design - Retail

The clients requirements- were that we up-grade the retail area (and back of house- consulting rooms) to be a contemporary fit-out with enough display area to accommodate 400 sets of spectacles within a tight budget, but also accommodate 6 staff members and their specific work needs. within this frame work(no pun intended) we had the freedom to design whatever we wanted thanks to the clients trust and willingness to take a risk. We began our conceptual stage with all things regarding vision, Colour being the most obvious was carefully considered, the colour green of the carpet and the green hedge promote restful sight. The Braille wall is a bit of fun but also a serious note at the importance of vision . However we also wanted to challenge perceptions of the traditional optometrists interiors. The design was underpinned with the primary consideration that it was a boutique retail space where any genre of product on display could sit comfortably - beautiful spectacles or beautiful dresses .


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