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Key Dates

15 September 2016 - Standard Deadline
16 November 2016 - Extended Deadline
17 November 2016 - Judging & Ratings
23 November 2016 - Rating Closes
24 November 2016 - Winners Announced
23 February - Awards Presentation

Interior Design - International Commercial

Open to all international projects this award celebrates innovative and creative building interiors, with consideration given to space creation and planning, furnishings, finishes, aesthetic presentation and functionality. Consideration also given to space allocation, traffic flow, building services, lighting, fixtures, flooring, colours, furnishings and surface finishes.  

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Nominations in Category

The DNA of Dragon - Zongtai Development & Construction Co.Ltd. / TIENFUN INTERIOR PLANNING LTD.

Interior Design - International Commercial

The Chinese style performed in this design, other than the usual oriental spirits, incorporated with the technological elements of Western architecture. Deliberately takeoff the ideological corset, and further create new rules of the game, the design shows the style of oriental design. On the expression of construction techniques, in order to create a Chinese-style humor, there are seemingly effortless ways to deal with a very complex structure. It makes the whole building as a vocal, both humorous and frank dialogue relations. Within the blend, the building shows neither rigid nor nonconformist pragmatism. Moreover, by the transformation of the Chinese traditional “five entrances”, there is a deep spiritual dialogue in the modern physical space.

The Sun, the Art - Maorong Construction / DA HUAN DESIGN

Interior Design - International Commercial

Located outside the Taichung City center, at a redevelopment zone which is adjacent to highway, the scenery of once paddy field has now become that of luxurious mansions. In this place, a seven-floor building, constructed by white stones, black metal grills, glass curtains, and plantings, is eye-catching. As a construction company headquarter and the reception center, the building represents the core value of the company from the conceptions of innovative design. It is the core value that the building creates the atmosphere of the accord between mankind and environment, the respect to nature, and the wisdom life, making residents feel the meaning of life.

GARMIN TAIPEI - GARMIN / Sky Interiors Pty Ltd.

Interior Design - International Commercial

- Gold

Using an elegant, refreshing, and bright blue-toned interior colour scheme,this space is designed to suit the younger generations. A higher end wrist watch section is also located in store to cater forthe needs of various groups. With a completely open space that is separated by different colors and themes, this store makes it easy for customers to find what they want. Customers can freely shop for their desired products without any interruption.

The Fashion - Jinray Construction / Tianching Spatial Design Co., Ltd.

Interior Design - International Commercial

Located at Xitun District, Taichung City, the building presents the one of a kind aesthetics by using different materials. At the porch, the wall made by metallic fretwork panel cut by coated laser and wavy-vein rocks, cloth dangling lights, and stone-patched floors, created the atmosphere of multi senses, as if an genuine invitation for customers.

The Children’s Play Area - Greenwood Taipei / Tang Interior Design Company

Interior Design - International Commercial

Because of the big dining area, the project is designed into a restaurant having different styles in different areas. The service space, including the kitchen, storage room, rest rooms, etc., are located on the first floor, and this is why no integral design for the dining and playing area.


Interior Design - International Commercial

- Silver

Wrapped by three tall buildings, the office of the architectural firm is a typical Taiwanese long street building. The designer uses the technique of retreating in order to advance, letting the front and the backyard retreat, and in result the indoor and outdoor buffer space is produced. No matter it is a day of bright sunlight or of rain, you can always take a breath outside in the front like a traditional Japanese eaves gallery. The front is retreated inward, and the black façade is used to combine the entrances of the office, building, and garage. The space extends horizontally, and the light transparent glass box marks the place of the office.

A Fantastic Restaurant with Simple Elements - NARNIA Restaurant / Fuju Interior Design Engineering Co., Ltd.

Interior Design - International Commercial

This project is about a restaurant that is designed based on the ideas coming from the movie “The Chronicles of Narnia.” The ideas of design, from the perspective of building façade and interior design, have constituted the image of this restaurant by the style of Gothic architecture. Guo-Bin Sie, the designer of this restaurant, adjusts the outlooks and streets scales based on the original infrastructure of this building, demonstrating the subject of this restaurant while taking into considerations the visions of the city.

A Fantastic Restaurant with Grandiloquent Elements - NARNIA Restaurant / Fuju Interior Design Engineering Co., Ltd.

Interior Design - International Commercial

The features of tall and mystery, from the Gothic architecture, express the image of this restaurant. Guo-Bin Sie, the designer of this restaurant, has applied the elements of Gothic architecture, such as buttress to ribbed vaults, to this restaurant from the perspectives of the external façade and interior design. The arrangement of mosaic, in particular, make customers feel as if living in Europe by means of the elements of luxury, romance, and fantasy, in the movies “The Chronicles of Narnia.”

The Light of White - Jinray Construction / Harmony Design Engineering Co., Ltd.

Interior Design - International Commercial

In the bustling metropolitan area, a reception center is built with the qualities of cleanness, simplicity, and surrounding greenery.

Affluent & Fluent - Golden Jade Construction & Development Corp. / Harmony Design Engineering Co., Ltd.

Interior Design - International Commercial

- Silver

Qualified life through the interweaving of light and nature

Manolo Blahnik Japan - Manolo Blahnik / Nick Leith-Smith

Interior Design - International Commercial

- Silver

Located in Matsuya Ginza department store, this 50 m² space is the first of three new concessions in Japan, an exciting new market for the brand and a continuation of Manolo Blahnik’s success in Asia. The space is contextualised in deference to Japanese mastery for interpreting traditional cultural forms in exciting new ways. The breadth and quality of material, craftsmanship and architectural influences are unrivalled by any other culture.

Streamlined Flow - HER-YU Architecture&Interior Design / HER-YU Architecture&Interior Design

Interior Design - International Commercial

This project is a new residential reception center, mainly designed for the young generation, which is located at the north of city center and adjacent to air base. This place, with well-preserved natural environment, geological convenience and good living conditions, is becoming one of the emerging development areas in the city.

The Delicacy Seen In Original - Rui Feng Construction / Chin-Chun Wu

Interior Design - International Commercial

- Silver

A well-designed public area in a community offers residents the diverse life styles and communication opportunities, in which the desire for living in a natural place has been in deep minds for most of the people.

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