2017 tech design awards

best new & best expanded services, best studio, best accelerator plus 17 specialist categories

the [app] design awards have grown into the [tech] design awards - change is good :)



Key Dates

23 February - Standard Deadline
6 April - Extended Deadline
13 April - Judging & Ratings
19 April - Rating Closes
20 April - Winners Announced
4 May - Awards Presentation


TravelTech gets us from A to B faster and cheaper - it takes us on a journey across the world and provides all the information we need to stay safe and have fun while travelling. This category recognizes tech that makes travel easier. 

Nomination Fees

$USD 360   23 February - Standard Deadline
$USD 585   6 April - Extended Deadline

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Nominations in Category

NextThere Sydney Trains Version - Sydney Trains


NextThere is a world-class transport app lovingly crafted by AppJourney for Sydney Trains employees in stations and on trains. With one tap, NextThere knows your current location and displays the next arriving and departing train, bus, ferry and tram services which can be filtered by mode or destination. The speed at which real time information is accessed has helped contribute to record highs in Sydney Trains customer satisfaction and on-time performance. The app continues to evolve with staff-initiated improvements and is also publically available in major cities around Australia as well as San Francisco, Boston, Portland and Honolulu.

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