2017 tech design awards

best new & best expanded services, best studio, best accelerator plus 17 specialist categories

the [app] design awards have grown into the [tech] design awards - change is good :)



Key Dates

23 February - Standard Deadline
6 April - Extended Deadline
13 April - Judging & Ratings
19 April - Rating Closes
20 April - Winners Announced
4 May - Awards Presentation

Community Services

Tech are more than ever helping our communities to connect and engage. From emergency service providers to NFPs and social groups, these solutions not only assist in service delivery but provide efficiencies and importantly provide those at the coalface more time to focus on their important work, whether it be fighting fires or managing the local team of volunteers. It's not all serious though we're also looking for apps that work to help bring the community groups together with fun and enjoyable activities and experiences.

Nomination Fees

$USD 360   23 February - Standard Deadline
$USD 585   6 April - Extended Deadline

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Nominations in Category

Cancer Council - Dedicate a Daffodil - Cancer Council Australia / Ansible

Community Services

Every day over 350 Australians are diagnosed with cancer. By getting involved in Cancer Council’s Daffodil Day, the community helps raise much needed funds to go towards Cancer Council’s vital work in cancer research, support services, prevention programs and advocacy. Ansible and media agency Initiative worked together with Cancer Council to create a far reaching donation and personal dedication technology platform to engage and connect the community on and around Daffodil Day.

Record My Hours - by Fair Work Ombudsman (FWO) - Fair Work Ombudsman / Ansible

Community Services

The Fair Work Ombudsman has released a new app aimed at tackling the persistent problem of underpayment of young and migrant workers. While most employers want to do the right thing, the FWO sees many examples of records that are either missing information or in some cases, deliberately misleading. This creates difficulties in determining whether workers are being paid their correct entitlements. The ‘Record My Hours’ app solves this problem by leveraging smartphone features like Wi-Fi and GPS tracking to make it easy for workers to automatically and accurately record their hours of work and pass-on information about their employment.

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