2014 New York Design Awards - Deadlines

13 May 2014 - Extended Deadline
14 May 2014 - Judging
17 May 2014 - Finalists announced
17 May 2014 - Rating Closes
20 May 2014 - Awards Presentation

Lix Pen - Doodle in the air, a new way of communication! [DRAFT]



Project Overview

Doodle in the air, the new way to communicate! The world's smallest 3D printing pen allows you to easily make your 3D sketches without using paper.


Lix Pen Ltd


Anton Suvorov, CO-FOUNDER, Industrial & Technical Designer

Ismail Baran, CO-FOUNDER, Managing & Interactive designer

Delphine Eloise Wood, CO-FOUNDER, Industrial/Shoe designer & administrative manager

Andrey Suvorov, Interactive developer & electronic passionate

Yuri Kichigin, Robotics & mechanical engineer

Coraline Delvaux, Art Designer

Project Brief

Lix Pen is the new era of communication.
This pen pushes your creativity to another level. We have created very tiny object that fits perfectly in your hand you can easily transport it. It has the Small size, sleak design, comfort, user experience, portability, usb power supply, light weight(30gr). it's a 3d printing pen or manual micro 3d printer.

Lix pen is the new mean of communication. You do not need any sheets of paper or pencil trying make your sketch more expressive and understandable on giving to your drawing more realistic and detailed fill. Lix pen has an infinite application in any creative and non creative industry. designers, architects, fashion stylist and even lawyers can use it! (That is what we noticed from our Kickstarter campaign). One lawyer stated she needed the pen for "Possible use during trials of Med-Mal cases to provide 3D images of various body part(s) lost due to negligence."

Project Innovation/Need

We have created the manual "micro 3D printing printer" in another words a 3D printing pen that looks like a normal ball pen.

Our product responds to the usual habits of the customer. We are used to use ball pens, so why cannot we just use the same dimensions like a ball pen but draw in the air?! We have created a product that everybody is accustomed to however Lix Pen does unusual things, it draws in 3D, you can draw a straight line on you paper and then detach your hand going up and the line will keep following you.
The process is simple, Lix Pen uses plastic filament rods which is passed throughout the inside feed mechanism and then it is melted by a heater at the end of the pen. The extruded hot plastic solidifies almost instantly which allow you to create rigid structures in 3D.

Design Challenge

3D printing is an industry that has a huge growth potential and a big futur in our main life.
Soon we will be able to print furniture, food, clothes etc. 3D pens should already be part of our lives so that we will be used to express ourselves to another level.

We were inspired by other existing 3D printing pens, however they were not really practical and easy to use. Therefore the main idea was to create first of all a product which will perfectly satisfy and fit us. Then we started to share our idea with other people and the result was shocking! Everybody wanted Lix Pen, everybody saw the potential of this particular product and can now easily imagine what they can do with it.


Almost the whole body of Lix Pen is made out of anodized aluminium.
The bottom part is of a special low thermal conductivity matter.
Inside of Lix Pen has a mechanical mechanism.
Lix Pen uses a ABS/PLA filament plastic.

Lix Pen has a low energy consumption.

This award celebrates creativity and innovation for either a product design at conceptual stage - an early sample or model of a product that has not reached the manufacture stage nor available to the market.
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