2014 New York Design Awards - Deadlines

13 May 2014 - Extended Deadline
14 May 2014 - Judging
17 May 2014 - Finalists announced
17 May 2014 - Rating Closes
20 May 2014 - Awards Presentation

Graphic Design - Corporate Identity and Branding

This award celebrates creative and innovative design in the traditional or digital visual representation of ideas and messages. Consideration given to clarity of communication and the matching information style to audience.

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Nominations in Category

St. Bart's Church Identity - St. Bart's Church / OCD - Orginal Champions of Design

Graphic Design - Corporate Identity and Branding

- Winner

Saint Bartholomew's Church - affectionately known as St. Bart's - is an Episcopal Church located on Park Avenue and 51st Street in New York CIty. The Romanesque structure is unique among its peers. Ultimately, architectural style drove the visual strategy so much that the typography was lifted directly from the building facade.

Elcyclista Team Kit - Elcyclista

Graphic Design - Corporate Identity and Branding


Influenced by the great cycling kits of the 50s and 60s we created a brand paired with contemporary performance fabric maker Capo Forma. A brand and kit designed to represent where design and bike culture intersect.

SSG Food Market - Shinsegae / Mucca Design

Graphic Design - Corporate Identity and Branding


Shinsegae is South Korea's premier luxury department store. With SSG Food Market, they planned on opening the nation's leading supermarket devoted to authentically and locally-sourced foods.

Ark Investment Management - ARK Investment Management / FuturePerfect

Graphic Design - Corporate Identity and Branding


ARK Investment Management is a financial startup that aims to invest in promising areas of disruptive innovation and looks at companies that are changing and improving the way the world works. We do this through combining traditional active asset management with technologically enabled tools. We wanted to create a logo that encompassed our values, combining traditional investing with modern concepts. We also wanted to create a logo that differentiated itself from the “typical” financial firm. Though people see many different things in our logo, our goal was to create a brand that portrayed the tension of the traditional and the modern. Through its traditional straight lines on one side and an asymmetrical creative force on the other, this brand design captured the essence of ARK.

Late Night with Seth Meyers - NBC / Eight and a Half

Graphic Design - Corporate Identity and Branding


Seth Meyers was best known for his Weekend Update gig on Saturday Night Live so we created this logo to be a bridge between his anchoring job and his new late night talk show job. It’s fast moving and energetic with a nod to news graphics from the days of yore. And since Seth has such a unique perspective on the world, we liked the idea that he was on the other side of the line, different from your standard late night host.



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