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13 May 2014 - Extended Deadline
14 May 2014 - Judging
17 May 2014 - Finalists announced
17 May 2014 - Rating Closes
20 May 2014 - Awards Presentation

Digital Experience - Mobile

This award celebrates innovation and creativity in design of a unique user experience in the combination of text, audio, still images, animation, video, and interactive content for mobile. Consideration given to clarity of communication and the matching information style to audience.

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Nominations in Category

ferret - na2ure

Digital Experience - Mobile

- Winner

Imagine that a child could learn the entire Encyclopedia of Life--including how nature designs and solves problems around structure, pattern and color--without it ever feeling like school. FERRET is an interactive iPad app that teaches children the ins and outs of the animal kingdom through play. Children are challenged to “build” animals from the inside out, using intuitive building blocks of anatomical information. Each tap and swipe leads to new discoveries about how animals are made -- and reinforces how they are classified in the natural world. Children first comprehend by seeing, and we have spared no detail to make our app the most visually stunning science app on the market. FERRET features elegant design, vivid color coding, hi-resolution photography, and both video and icons that explain scientific classification in descriptive, plain English. FERRET unlocks the aptitude for discovery inherent in every child… and will help create the next generation of scientists, artists, and designers.

Dandelion - Protein One

Digital Experience - Mobile

- Winner

The Australian global success story which spread the word that “Bullying is for people with no imagination”. Dandelion is an interactive anti-bullying book for children which encourages kids to embrace their creativity to build their confidence. The story was written when the author’s son was bullied, so he wrote a book which would give parents a platform with which to discuss the topic with their kids. It was designed and developed as an App (becoming the #1 Book App in the Australian App Store within 2 weeks), out-ranking Dr Seuss and Pixar on the App Store and was selected by Apple for ‘Best of 2012’. However, such was the impact of the story, that it was published by Penguin Random House as a hardcover picture book. The project has spun off into merchandise, a stage play and is now being developed as a children’s TV show.

Expereal - Expereal

Digital Experience - Mobile


Expereal is an iPhone app that allows you to rate and analyze your life through data visualization and analytics, and anonymously compare your ratings with friends and other users.



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