2016 Melbourne Design Awards

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Key Dates

5 May 2016 - Standard Deadline
16 June 2016 - Judging & Ratings
29 June 2016 - Rating Closes
30 June 2016 - Winners Announced
27 July 2016 - Awards Presentation
1 September 2016 - DESIGN SUMMIT

Interior Design - Hospitality

This award celebrates innovative and creative building interiors, with consideration given to space creation and planning, furnishings, finishes, aesthetic presentation and functionality. Consideration also given to space allocation, traffic flow, building services, lighting, fixtures, flooring, colours, furnishings and surface finishes.

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Nominations in Category

Kitty Burns - Kitty Burns Cafe / Biasol: Design Studio

Interior Design - Hospitality

- Gold

Drawing inspiration from the name “Kitty Burns” based on the history of the iconic Skipping Girl, we visualised a character with split personalities and worked this into our design - Kitty being the more playful of the two while Burns executed discipline and severity.

Feast of Merit Rooftop - YGAP / Siren Design Group Pty Ltd

Interior Design - Hospitality

- Silver

Siren Design were excited to take on a pro bono rooftop project for non-profit organisation YGAP. The Rooftop Bar is situated above the Feast of Merit restaurant where one-hundred percent of profits go directly to supporting YGAP’s movement of impact entrepreneurs who have launched ventures to improve the lives of people living in poverty. The design incorporates the Middle Eastern tone of Feast of Merit’s cuisine, as well as acknowledging the local context of Richmond, Melbourne. This is evident in the Middle Eastern inspired feature screening that is juxtaposed against a recycled piece of MCG fencing embedded into the bar front.

Grinders Coffee Flagship - Grinders Coffee / Best. Design to Life

Interior Design - Hospitality

- Silver

The Grinders Coffee Flagship project is about bringing relevance and credibility back to one of Australia's pioneering coffee roasting brands. Where there is a deep and significant history attached to a brand, the challenge in paying respect to this through design is understanding the historical values, but embedding and reflecting these in a relevant way to the brand we know today. Indeed what we want to be achieving for the experiences of tomorrow. We worked tirelessly and in collaboration with the Grinders Coffee team to redefine what this space meant for the brand, and importantly for customers. The material palette of the design is a symphony of parts that culminate in a rich, immersive and accessible designed experience that respects the true essence of coffee, and indeed, the Grinders brand. It is now a truly immersive, multi zone experience that demonstrates live roasting of boutique street blends and a space where a broadened customer base can re-engage and experience the wonders of one of Australia's most iconic coffee brands.

Jim Stynes Grill - Melbourne Cricket Club / Artillery Interior Architecture

Interior Design - Hospitality

- Silver

The MCC Jim Stynes Grill located in the iconic Melbourne MCG, provides it's members and those in the sporting community with the ultimate, memorable experience in dining and entertainment. Taking a fresh approach to the traditional members lounge, Artillery created a modern inspired venue that successfully combines the dual functionality of a restaurant grill and conference space, whilst embracing the legacy of Jim Stynes.

Yukie Snack Bar / Mr Miyagi - Mr Miyagi Restaurant / P-E-K STUDIO.

Interior Design - Hospitality

- Silver

P-E-K STUDIO introduced a new character and branding element in the form of Yukie Snack Bar, a holding bar addition to Mr.Miyagi Restaurant, Melbourne. The outcome is a narrative that controls the customer’s sensory procession of the dining experience. As one passes through the internal laneway the interior finishes gently shift from a darker masculine restaurant to refined and solid natural surfaces. The space embodies the femininity of Yukie whilst conveying a cheeky love story and flirtatious atmosphere. An interior that represents an amalgamation of traditional Japanese minimalistic building techniques with contemporary colour pops. The design uses consistent radial and tubular details with natural stone, insitu concrete and custom designed timber furniture. It is these details that characterize the femininity of the mistress through the robust, natural and neutral traditional Japanese materials.


Interior Design - Hospitality

The brief for Juno and May was to transform a dark and narrow space into a light and uplifting café characterised by organic forms and natural materials, which reflect the origins of the establishment.

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