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3 September 2013 - Extended close date
9 September 2013 - Judging
19 September 2013 - Finalists announced
10 October 2013 - Rating Closes
17 October 2013 - Awards Night
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Productivity Apps

This category recognises applications that aid and facilitate productivity such as notes, diaries, word processors, schedulers, data entry and spreadsheet apps.

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Nominations in Category

Send A Script - Send A Script

Productivity Apps

Send a Script is a mobile app giving an independent link between the G.P, the Consumer, and any Australian Pharmacy. Sending prescriptions using your iPhone, iPod or iPad will save you TIME, offer you CONVENIENCE and give you CHOICE.

Teamstuff - Beyond Software

Productivity Apps

- Winner

Teamstuff is a free mobile and web app for social sports teams that helps them to communicate and manage important team stuff like schedules, game details (with maps!), attendance, duties, contacts and even emergency medical info. It lightens the workload for managers & coaches, makes scheduling clearer for parents and players with multiple schedules and makes getting to the game a breeze for the whole team. Less work, more play!

LexisNexis Red - LexisNexis Pacific

Productivity Apps

- Winner

LexisNexis Red is the world’s first referencing solution designed specifically to meet the unique needs of the legal profession. Designed for both the iPad and Windows, LexisNexis Red provides access to specialised legal publications via a stylish, intuitive and efficient user-interface. Developed by an Australian and New Zealand team, LexisNexis Red has proven so successful it is being rolled out globally.

My eVault - Rocket Innovation Group

Productivity Apps


My eVault is a unique and exciting innovation in personal inventory, travel and insurance management apps. Key information (photos, receipts and warranties) on all your valuable possessions, travel documents and insurance policies are easily recorded in one place and available at your fingertips. The app is described as being the app for life as it provides asset management capability on the go and provides peace of mind where ever you are.

Foxbuddy - Foxbuddy

Productivity Apps


The goal was to provide a media-centric mobile workflow solution using smartphones and tablets, enabling business owners to take control of their management processes no matter where they are. Our initial focus were tradesmen who would benefit through the streamlined management, scheduling and dispatch, invoicing and paperless reporting. We have since then shifted our focus to tracking which included job tracking, invoicing, transparent communication and team monitoring.

Australia Post Digital Mailbox - Australia Post

Productivity Apps


Receive mail from selected service providers, pay bills, set up automatic payments and reminders, and store your important documents online. All in one place and with one password.

Geddup - Geddup Pty Ltd

Productivity Apps

Geddup will help manage the communication clutter in our lives. It’s a platform to simplify the way we engage with organisations – making them more accessible, more responsive and more integrated with our technologies. It can be used by schools and sporting clubs, dentists and doctors, councils and utilities, hairdressers and personal trainers. In fact any organisation in your community. Geddup will get you organised.

My Brand Manager - ACG Global

Productivity Apps

My Brand Manager (MBM) is an iPhone and iPad app that enables audit, compliance, quality control and mystery shopping programmes to be process managed on site, easily and effectively. MBM utilises the power of smart technology with photo, video and voice-to-text and the creation of action plans - all on the run so that managerial reporting writing back at the office is a now thing of the past. As MBM manages the assessment process, no compliance requirement is overlooked, giving the user and the network peace of mind to spend more valuable time on business development.

Workible - Hire Me Up Pty Ltd / Terem Technologies

Productivity Apps

Workible is a mobile and social recruitment platform for flexible workforce industries that allows employers to find better people faster and job seekers to find work to suit their needs. Workible allows employers and job seekers to connect anywhere, anytime on any device. Job seekers build professional work profiles on Workible. Then employers post their needs and are immediately matched to skill specific, industry experienced and available candidates. Selected candidates are instantly notified via push. Coming Soon: Once candidates show their interest, employers can video interview them to get to the person behind the resume for fast hires.


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