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3 September 2013 - Extended close date
9 September 2013 - Judging
19 September 2013 - Finalists announced
10 October 2013 - Rating Closes
17 October 2013 - Awards Night
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This category relates to applications themed around nightlife. Applications promoting nighttime events and nightclubs would enter here.

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AM Dinner- The late night eats app - Demmographics


- Winner

Finally, the answer to the late night munchies! AM Dinner lets you know what's still open and how to get there when you need it most! Whether it be a popular late night restaurant, your favourite takeaway or a food van, AM Dinner has you covered! Search, get directions, rate and review those hilarious late night feasts with your mates!

PopUpGigs - PopUpGigs



A Global, One Stop, Gig Finding App Shop!

Fancied - fancied / Sakura Sky Media Pty Ltd



To create a location-based social dating app for singles to meet new people without the fear of rejection often associated with online and mobile dating services, by making it fun to meet genuine like-minded people who have either been qualified by their own social network of friends and acquaintances or like to hang out at the same nightlife locations. A match can only be formed, if mutual interest is established. Unlike other online and mobile dating services, which charge a subscription to meet new people or a fee when there is a match, fancied is free to download and use.


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