2016 Hong Kong Design Awards

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Key Dates

9 June 2016 - Standard Deadline
27 October 2016 - Extended Deadline
1 November 2016 - Judging & Ratings
7 November 2016 - Rating Closes
8 November 2016 - Winners Announced
29 November 2016 - Awards Presentation

Interior Design - Retail - Shopping & Food

This award celebrates innovative and creative building interiors, with consideration given to space creation and planning, furnishings, finishes and aesthetic presentation. Consideration given to space allocation, traffic flow, building services, lighting, fixtures, flooring, colours, furnishings and surface finishes.

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Nominations in Category

Noodle Stand - East Ocean / ARTTA Concept Studio

Interior Design - Retail - Shopping & Food

- Silver

The inspiration comes from an old tradition in Hong Kong, because noodle soup used to be sold in small wooden carts in different corners around Hong Kong. Therefore we have used wooden materials around the restaurant to create that nostalgic feeling for every customer that walks in.

Ginza Plaza - Gorth Management Pty, Ltd / ARTTA Concept Studio

Interior Design - Retail - Shopping & Food

- Silver

Ginza Plaza situated in the well known shopping district of Mong Kok has been designed with a unique and smart interior for the customers to enjoy their shopping experience.

Elephant Grounds Coffee Shop - JJA / Bespoke Architecture / Elephant Grounds PP Limited

Interior Design - Retail - Shopping & Food

- Silver

The Elephant Grounds Coffee flagship in Hong Kong's chic Star Street Precinct by JJA / Bespoke Architecture, immediately transformed the character of its own site and surrounding neighborhood, through the passive performance of the design's warm timber-based materials with an emphasis on spatial transparency through indoor-outdoor oriented planning.

McDonalds Hong Kong - McDonald's Hong Kong / Landini Associates

Interior Design - Retail - Shopping & Food

- Gold

An experiment in “Quiet Design”, this is the first of a number of initiatives being tested globally. The intention is to hero the food, the service and the people who come to enjoy it; to create a “recognizable neutrality” that allows this to happen. Within a week of trading this store had received global media attention for not only radically transforming McDonald's but also the fast food sector as a whole, and revenue has far exceeded expected targets. Staff turnover is down and customer preference at an all time high. The design has just been chosen as a new global model to be used internationally and Landini Associates appointed lead designer world-wide.

Manolo Blahnik Japan - Manolo Blahnik / Nick Leith-Smith

Interior Design - Retail - Shopping & Food

- Silver

Located in Matsuya Ginza department store, this 50 m² space is the first of three new concessions in Japan, an exciting new market for the brand and a continuation of Manolo Blahnik’s success in Asia. The space is contextualised in deference to Japanese mastery for interpreting traditional cultural forms in exciting new ways. The breadth and quality of material, craftsmanship and architectural influences are unrivalled by any other culture.

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