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Home & Living

Apps have forever changed how we live our lives. We're looking for those apps that help us live better, smarter, have fun and just get more out of life whether that be cooking, gardening, renovating, shopping, dating, hobbies or searching for your first home.

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Nominations in Category

Domain Apps & Website products - Domain Group

Home & Living

- Silver

Domain’s digital products have been evolving since Domain launched, the past 12 months though has seen Domain’s products evolve, innovate and improve at an incredibly fast rate. Achieved in a very short amount of time, our apps now have the highest ratings for property apps in the app stores.

AisleOne - AFD App by Aussie Farmers Direct - Aussie Farmers Direct / Gomeeki

Home & Living

- Gold

A 'World First' app that completely re-imagines the online shopping experience, by throwing out all of the standard e-commerce conventions and starting from scratch. AisleOne by Aussie Farmers Direct, is a true virtual shop optimised for touch-screens that makes customers feel like they’re physically standing in a supermarket.

Richgro Garden iOS & Android App - Dapper Apps - Richgro / Dapper Apps

Home & Living

- Silver

The Richgro Garden mobile app is the result of extensive research into what gardeners would find useful. The handy, easy-to-use app boasts some exciting features that will make it easier not only to garden but also to shop for garden products. The app has many useful features for green thumbs: - How much do I need? - Easy-to-use product calculators - Gardening Alerts - when to water, plant or mulch - Customised shopping lists - How to grow any type of garden - Solutions to most garden problems - Key product information - Store locators

Intergrain Timber Finishes - DuluxGroup / HBT Agency

Home & Living

- Silver

The Intergrain Timber Finishes app is the renovator's new best friend. With its innovative Visualiser technology, the app allows users to preview how a finish will appear on any timber surface before even starting a project. It revolutionises the whole selection process. Users can photograph timber surfaces and browse through a comprehensive range of products to instantly see the result with full colour accuracy. It even shows the difference between one, two and three coats. The ‘problem solver’ feature provides helpful, tailored solutions and suggestions. Additionally, the app calculates how much product they will need to the nearest litre.

The Big Adventure - Seven Network / Mnet Mobile

Home & Living

- Silver

The most successful Australian TV App Ever! Making television shows and selling ads used to be relatively simple - just attract eyeballs and advertising revenue would follow. Nowadays the conversation between networks and advertisers revolves around effectiveness rather than just reach. Our insight was simple – viewers of reality shows envy the contestants. So, for the first time ever, we gave viewers the same challenge as the contestants. Our patented technology enabled viewers to compete alongside contestants and in doing so, The Big Adventure app has set a new benchmark for second screen engagement.

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