Best Mobile or App Startup

This category relates to Startups working on a Mobile project or an App. The project could be for smartphones, tablet, web, game console or api apps.  Startup projects need to be newly emerging, less than 5 million users and less than 3 years old.

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Nominations in Category

HelloLocal - HelloLocal

Best Mobile or App Startup

- Winner

HelloLocal is a clever, location and context aware App that delivers information to consumers based on their precise location using the latest Beacon, NFC and proximity marketing technology. HelloLocal partners with cities, retailers, shopping centres and destinations through our smart app that automatically rebrands itself based on the users location. So HelloLocal becomes Hello Geelong, or Hello Chapel Street, or Hello “your destination" It is one App that we hope is adopted globally for smart cities and brands and the only App a consumer needs to discover location-based information and offers.

Active Globe - An Innovative Fitness Experience - The PE Geek

Best Mobile or App Startup


Turn Your Physical Activity into a Real World Travel Experience. Taking You Around the Globe to Complete Your Fitness Goals.

Easy Planner - The Ultimate Lesson Planning Tool for Teachers - The PE Geek

Best Mobile or App Startup

Easy Planner is a teacher lesson planning tool reimagined for the modern day teacher. Designed to work on any device with an internet connection. Teachers can plan all of their classes with ease with an intuitive interface designed to make lesson planning quick, efficient, multimedia rich and powerful.

Blrt - Thinkun

Best Mobile or App Startup


Blrt gets everyone on the same page by letting you talk, point and draw over websites, images and documents. It’s a free, easy-to-use app that’s set to change the way you communicate with friends or colleagues when you can’t meet face to face. What makes it so special? Blrt helps you express yourself verbally and visually, just as you would in person but without the need to be available at the same time or place. Unlike email, it captures everything, including important nuances like voice inflections.

Bunchrides - Social Media for Cyclists - Bunchrides / Liquid Creativity

Best Mobile or App Startup


Bunchrides is a social media platform built for people who are interested in a “bunch ride” where a group of cyclists ride together on a common route. This new app for cyclists, makes it easy to hook up with people online and go for a ride together. The Bunchrides concept combines a website and Smartphone App into a highly interactive social media. Bunchrides makes it easy for cyclists to search for rides or set up their own and invite friends without the hassle of following up by phone or email.

storePlay - Music In Minutes - Marketing Melodies Pty. Ltd.

Best Mobile or App Startup

storePlay is the world's first App based background music service that allows music to be remotely downloaded and played on an iPod Touch, iPhone or iPad. storePlay provides playlists for retailers, restaurants, hair salons and other commercial premises and allows businesses to download 100% legal and tailored playlists for their stores and venues.

MenuHub - Hungry? Find Food Nearby - MenuHub Pty Ltd

Best Mobile or App Startup

Hungry? We aim to help you discover food nearby, fast. Our data rich app, allows you to browse restaurant menus, see reviews and order online. We currently have 95% coverage of Geelong restaurant menus and will maintain this high coverage as we expand into other cities in the future. Customers order online for convenience and to save time. We place a heavy emphasis on making the ordering experience smooth and fast. Want to re-order the pizza you had last Friday night? You can do that in less than 3 seconds with our app.

BoardTRAC - BoardTRAC

Best Mobile or App Startup

Launched in January 2013 as the first entirely Australian developed board portal, the system has been locally designed and developed by Australian governance experts, for organisations to have paperless board meetings. All servers are located in Australia and all support services and staff are Australian based. BoardTRAC introduces safe, simple, and secure distribution of board papers, agendas and governance related materials anytime, anywhere. The application removes the need for carrying and distributing large paper documents for board meetings and replaces it with a simple, accessible app.

Parkhound - Parkhound

Best Mobile or App Startup

Parkhound mobile app allows real time booking of car parking spaces.

Teamstuff - Shine Technologies (Beyond Software)

Best Mobile or App Startup

Teamstuff is an award winning, free mobile and web app for social sports teams that helps them to communicate and manage important team stuff like schedules, game details (with maps!), attendance, rostering, duties, contacts, emergency medical info and more. It lightens the workload for managers & coaches, makes scheduling clearer for parents and players with multiple schedules, works for all varieties of family and lets the whole team focus on the important stuff – the game itself. Less work, more play!

The Cash Back App - The Cash Back App

Best Mobile or App Startup

Did you shop yesterday? Will you shop today? And what about tomorrow and the next day? Everybody shops. It’s a fact of life. So why not shop where you can get cash back and/or a discount on the necessities and the niceties of life? The Cash Back App rewards shoppers with cash back and businesses with loyal customers. But there's more - members get a recurring income just by sharing the app! They get a percentage of the shopping spend their friends make! Shop with the app and get Cash Back. Share and earn a passive income! Everybody Wins!

PicLink Camera - SEMNON

Best Mobile or App Startup

PicLink is a simple yet powerful app, you'll never have to type links on your mobile again.

SendaScript App - SendaScript

Best Mobile or App Startup

SendaScript is creating freedom for consumers, solving the arduous task of medication supply. It's a mobile ordering & retailing platform where customers are connected to open pharmacies anywhere, any-time. The company implements a recognized solution in removing the cash register & the sales cue, giving a customer the choice of saving time & avoiding the frustration of in-store transactions.

Oneflare Mobile App - Oneflare Pty Ltd

Best Mobile or App Startup

Oneflare is Australia’s fastest growing marketplace for local services, leading the way with more than 45,000 registered businesses and over $50 million of jobs requested. Oneflare has recently acquired Australia’s largest renovation forum - RenovateForum. Oneflare’s innovation extends to its iPhone & iPad app that allows customers to request from over 250 services categories and receive quotes from local businesses in real time. Customers can review these quotes together with the business’ accreditation, license and customer feedback. For businesses, the app allows them to receive job leads in real time and respond or quote on-the-go.

My Makeup Collection - 174East Pty Ltd

Best Mobile or App Startup

My Makeup Collection offers beauty users a unique way to store and share pictures and reviews of beauty items they have tried. Tapping into the growing beauty blogger and makeup artist consumer markets the app provides an intuitive and graphic way to organise the users makeup collection and connect with social media. The app allows users to plan future purchases with a wishlist function and also has an analytics function allowing users to review their collection.


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